The iPhone 13 Models!

Publicado el 26 jul 2021
Let's take a look at iPhone 13 dummy models and some updated thoughts.

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Shoutout to Sonny Dixon for the models



  • why on apples website do i only see ihpone 13 and iphone 13 pro, no pro max?

  • Intro track is One or Won by 20syl

  • Talking about 120 htz while i wasn't paying attention to the. video. "Iphone being the last up to get 120 htz needs to do it, but we don't know that just from these dummies" ME: OH HE JUST CALLED APPLE DUMMIES.. *REWATCHES* oh, the fake phones.

  • what’s the point of buying the iPhone 13 if the parts were took from the iPhone 12 models

  • اسوء هاتف نزل واسعارها مبالغ فيها وهذا اللي نسميه استغلال المستهلك يعني قد صالي سنين مع ايفون لكن بعد عرض اسعارهم هذه السنه قررت تغير الى جالكسي

  • i'm disappointed this iphone didnt come true

  • hi Marques - can you please let apple know they should make an iPhone mini pro one day? :) hahah amazing video as usual. I'm so friggin excited to get my 13 :D

  • And guess what the leaks/rumors/models was very similar to the official release except for the no charging port and a tiny camera size!

  • sir i am from india watch your video you have a lot of iphone i have a lot of mind to run iphone so can you give me an iphone please please my place is up banaras pandeypur chhotalalpur plzz plzz plzz plzz

  • sir i am from india watch your video you have a lot of iphone i have a lot of mind to run iphone so can you give me an iphone please please my place is up banaras pandeypur chhotalalpur plzz plzz plzz plzz

  • .🖕🖕🖕🖕👆 Best Apple plug✍️. 💯legit Very affordable and reliable

  • Wow. What gets me is how true this ended up being.

  • Scamdemic?

  • The iPhone 13 is going to be the 13th iPhone guys don’t tell anyone

  • Boycott apple, make them catch up with the rest of the smartphone world.

    • @加油GoingMonotheisT BTS does harmony OS support GMS on Chinese Huawei devices I have honor 20 check my channel I have a video on it

    • @加油GoingMonotheisT ok no words

    • @android geek You're the one chasing heros kid.. I didn't recommend any particular android, nor does my criticism necessarily mean apple is hopeless. My whole message was to further boycott apple to force them to stop dragging azz, and playing business to the point of being counter productive, and actually losing sales. And as for the android companies that removed the headphone jack.. Sure, but they still all universally use the usb type c.. and more importantly, they can connect to computers or any other device using that same port (and usually the same charging wire) just like if they were a usb drive.. Apple is not like that.. you literally need a specific everything for everything plus a specific apple program 🤷‍♂️.. And quit lying.. I'm actually a huawei fan (and I only bring it up to prove you just pulling sh*t out of your apple biased azz), I had bought the p9, the mate 9pro, the p20 pro, the p30 pro, the p40 pro plus, and the mate xs.. They ALL had headphones, and SUPER chargers with them.. AND back covers.. AND I got a free selfie stick/ camera tripod with some of them.. I don't know about the mi 11, but I DID buy the mi10 ultra, and IT DID include the SUPERCHARGER brick, AND they gave me a free mini mi printer with it~

    • @加油GoingMonotheisT and why do you think Apple removed the headphone jack? It sure wasn't courage. It was business. They want people to spend 129 on wireless earphones. Why did mi, OnePlus, Samsung and Google did the same? Business! So you would spend 129 on wireless earphones. Duh 🙄 that's how business work. Apple and Samsung ain't removing chargers for going green they are doing it so that you will spend 30$ on their chargers. Cmon now just grow up there is no hero company to save you. The goal of a company is just to earn money 💸💸💸💸

    • @加油GoingMonotheisT and please if you are gonna but a android don't buy Samsung

  • 1:36 "so as we've learnt, it about to be *_a u g u s t_* "

  • Accurate enough!

  • The features on this iPhone are just a lot more better than any iPhone ever made. The Wide camera features ProMotion and the 120Hz refresh rate is an overkill.

  • Same ugly notch...😆

  • A little bit true

  • he was right !

  • I like Xiaomi 11ultra.

  • Very bad…..

  • Is 13 pro worth the upgrade from 12 pro? That ProMotion got me

  • Came here immediately after the show today

  • Umm, what size shoe are you ?

  • "Hey what's up, MKBHD here. So I've had the iPhone 13 for about a year now..."

  • Did you all see the 3rd re-release of the iphone 11 pro today?

  • I went from an iPhone 6 to an SE last year so meh 😂

  • I love the 13 Pro, but I think the 14 pro will be my upgrade, just seems smarter, the 11 is pretty damn good

    • 11, 12, 13, 14, all the same phones smh 🤦 What makes you "love" the 13 Pro? Literally nothing new, other than tiny design tweaks and 120hz display which finally came out on iphone after 3 yrs. I switched from an IPhone xs max to s20 last year and its the best upgrade if ever made. Seriously, Apple is now inferior to Samsung and others both hardware and innovation wise. It's time close minded iphone lovers realize that too.

  • Me with my iPhone 6

  • for now ill eat an apple

  • And they did go totally wireless.

    • Now did you say that, they never said anything about how to charge it😂😂

  • Looks like I will keep my iPhone 7 for another year.

  • Watching this video after the unveiling of the iPhone 13 line-up. Amazing how all speculations made by you have come true.

  • Ad : Samsung Video : apple

  • Didn’t you just make a leaks video?

  • Ew wtff

  • Promotion poggg

  • I think that was the original iPhone 13 which you have

  • they were right

  • 😭😖

  • Samsung's ad on iPhone related video!

  • I still have a iPhone 8 and will either get iPhone 12 mini or 13 mini which should I get

  • I still have the iPhone 7plus

  • Y'all apple fans are dumbs to invest on an outdated technology Go get the pixel 6 and a life too hahaha lol 😂

  • Apple doesn't have any new invention with the exception of slight camera improvement 🙄

  • Okay

  • 🥱

  • imo fast wireless charging is just useless coz its so bad for your phone. Even faster wired charging is really bad for your phone. Thats the reason samsung doesnt include fast wired and wireless charging either

  • Red casing seems cool

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  • My last upgrade was IPhone X after that i didn't even think to buy any apple phone model so for those people who is upgrading from IPhone X or lower that makes sense to me. But from 12 pro to 13 pro is kinda dumb upgrade.

  • theres no way theres still a notch right lol : send from my notchless phone that literally folds.

  • Should I buy iPhone 12 or wait for iPhone 13??? Please guide in this regard.

  • This sucks... why not just take off the notch... Apple it’s not that hard.... stop being weird with your portless phones

  • It’s been the same shit for years and fanbois go wild

  • Do you think it would be worth picking up the 12 pro or 13 ? Coming from a galaxy note 9 and want to eventually pick up an iPad pro replace my laptop. Or do I stick with the. nots

  • Very little information in this video. 10 minutes I wish I could get back

  • It’s boring phone @ i phone .

  • Why is the 13 very ugly compared to 12 comment down below if you agree

  • If they update the LiDAR Sensor, I might get one for 3D scanning. Being able to capture all necessary info of a set with a 360 cam, a chromeball/greyball set and an iPhone would allow me to work a lot more efficiently.

  • Not only is it too early to take away the charging port. How will you connect the phone to a pc ?

  • Using x right now and just looking forward to upgrade myself one step…. I know the prices of old ones will drop tho 😂

  • Im upgrading from my 2015 iphone se

  • Very informative

  • soo nothing changed

  • Apple is just making their phones look shitter and shitter EVERY SINGLE PHONE 🤦‍♂️

  • Ngl it’s ugly and prob gonna be overpriced just like the AirPods max 🤦‍♂️ around 600$ for headphones 🎧

  • Can i get your old iphone please

  • I want a new phone my iPhone X is my second fav behind my old S8

  • Daft Punk forever.

  • Apple and their camaras ffs…

  • trillion dollar company....can't even update a phone in 1 year. And they only have like one model in different sizes. What this company is good at is colleting money from iSheeps

  • Hate it. I’ll keep my iphone 7

    • @Matty lol

    • @Jane Doe iPhone 8

    • What phone will you buy when your iPhone 7 stops updating

  • I still have one more kidney, here we go.

  • I have a question, how would u develop an iPhone app on a physical device without a port? Transfer data over Bluetooth?? 😅

  • Bruh why is it square again

    • Ugh ikr. It looks ugly.

  • I’ll be keeping my 12 Mini for another year, I can’t wait for the iphone 14 though!

    • I’m excited for iPhone 116 ! Can’t wait!

  • I still have a galaxy s10 plus and came here to see what the next iPhone would look like, and it's literally the same as the iPhone 12 with minor improvements. I feel like phones only see a significant upgrade every 2 or 3 years. But I bet the iPhone 13 will still sell like crazy because of the fruit painted on the back.

  • Still using an 8+. I will have to use one of the newer all-screen phones more before I commit to one of the 13s. So far the interface changes for the newer phones have driven me insane and the line between executing one function versus another is very thin.

  • People mad at me for getting apple but I still don’t give a single fuck

  • I usually wouldnt buy a new iphone but sometimes i get a deal for like 100-200 so i just buy it then anyway

  • Next iPhone comes without a screen

    • You'll all buy it.

  • Prediction: The pro models this year will have the M1 chip.

  • Apple is falling behind, brand will only take them so far. (Currently an Apple User)

  • I dont care if yalll are on here shitting on it imma still buy it

  • If its real that the iphone 13 charge with wireless charging only, then iphone 12 pro max is my last iphone

  • I wonder how they decide which features to add to which mode in order to go from basic to advanced.


  • Your channel has the most annoying ads

  • Thanks for the upload

  • if the newer phones have no ports, catch me switching to andriod

  • 21sept iphone 13 launched

  • Not to keen on just mag same if i gotta take it off my phone anyway instead of just picking it up. Otherwise whats the point? Make it magnetic so you can use your phone while it technically wirelessly charges. Just plug the lightning port in. May as well go to usb c everyone would be happy with that

  • I own a 11 Pro Max. I was thinking about getting a 13 but seems like I’ll keep my 11 for another year, if possible.

    • @Sneakers Lab same , went from the iPhone 6 to iPhone 11

    • Yo just wait until your 11 is unusable I’m upgrading from the 7 to 13 and my next phone will be in the late teens

  • the 12 looks so much better anyway.

  • When he reached down and creased them bred AJ1's tho! 😩😩😩

  • This time kidney is not enough so i decided to sell my best friend 🙂🤣🤣🤣

  • This iphone looks awful and terrible combined.Awrfable