Samsung Z Fold 3 Review: Let's Talk Ambition!

Publicado el 20 ago 2021
Samsung Z Fold 3 is the second best folding phone on earth for a reason.
That shirt!

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Phone provided by Samsung for review.



  • Samsung has always gone ABOVE AND BEYOND

  • I just bought this. Mkbhd is a terrible reviewer. He always suggests we buy the smallest and cheapest versions of phones as if we cant afford 2k.

  • Idea! To make the internal glass stronger. Why cant Samsung use tough victis glass for the internal screen, but make just the crease or the middle a little softer so it can fold?

  • Had one for a week. It's excellent

  • NICE REVIEW I watched this video before I ordered it. Im back to say this phone is excellent no regrets at all lol go get it

  • It’s still my dream phone

  • As someone who has the fold 2. I'm going to keep this one. I love it. I did get sand in the hinge. But it's still an amazing phone.

  • I used to love this guy, always honest and straight to the point, then of course like many others he got famous and it ruined him, now he is so far up his own ass he can't find his way out, i liked the old marques, the new guy is a kiss ass.

  • Just release a goddamn rollable phone

  • Bro got paid so much for this

  • This is super dope but if really rather have a new note. Coming from the last note 😔. I really need a new phone but scared to give up my note.

  • Honestly just interested in this phone because I mostly watch ESmain and Netflix alot on my phone, so seeing this big screen has gotten my attention. Not a mobile gamer and don't really take alot of pics with my phone anyways so this seems pretty cool for me at least.

  • 0:07 Tried to imitate Zach King and failed miserably.

  • Things like soc, camera, ram, performance etc are pretty neck to neck for every flagships out there. You have to nitpick to separate them apart. Fold3 has what all the other flagships have. But the other flagships don't have the big screen of the Fold 3 (and screen size is the most important factor)

  • I just ordered mine

  • h2h against the Huawei?

  • by 6min I already know im not getting this phone

  • Do this phone fit in the regular phone holder in the car?

  • Having a phone with this abitions man, this one is super lit the only thing missing was the S pen! I am thinking about getting this one or the the next the Z fold 4

  • Thanks for the review I almost got this phone tomorrow 😌😆

  • Best folding phone! Why does a phone need to fold?

  • Really wanted to love this phone enough to buy but battery life, the crease and no spen space out me off. I think the s22 ultra will offer nearly the same screen real estate (6.8inch Vs 7.2 for the fold), have stronger battery life and native s pen slot within the phone. I will await for official news.

  • Foldable, Portable, Acceptable, Reliable and able to resist water. Very impressive.

  • This is the device they killed Note series

  • I was so into this now Im 5 minutes into the video and I'm good with my S10+ still lol

  • Phone looks pretty cool, one question that I have. what is the best android that sends pictures or videos to an iPhone without any blur even on a group chat?

  • Definitely getting the fold 3 I already have the fold 1 and 2

  • It will fail completely. Use case is missing for start. Also a soft plastic display and when folded you have a huge bump...

  • I feel like I'd break this phone in minutes, work around alot of dirt and grime and the second I close the phone bam there goes the screen... looks cool but I'll pass maybe in a couple months when the price drops to $300.... sad part is that phone prolly took 30 bucks to make

  • you should have made a bts video of the iphone 13 review on the studio that instro was on another level.

  • The typos are because whatever Android is using sucks on every level possible when comparing to the iPhone texting. I said texting or rather keyboard use/design. The Z fold 3 is fantastic, but when it comes to a basic function that literally everyone uses so many times a day its scary; texting. Any tech people want to elaborate on why. I'd like to know the reasoning. This is also true on any android device. Apple is king when it comes to power texting.

  • This is the best review that I have watched on this model, thank you!

  • OmGosh, your hands are at least twice mine. My phone is so heavy already 🥺


  • the phone has ambition... hahaha

  • Technology will advance just a waiting game

  • I love how simple and clear your explanations are. Very understandable and substantial for lay people on tech like myself. And... a very nice calm and not arrogant at all in personality and demeanor. I am definitely subscribing and recommending.

  • Ima get this for my mom honestly cuz I have a 21 ultra and she has an old android and she kinda old too so this would fit her a lot plus she likes to use tho folding wallet case anyways so she is used to opening to her phone. Perfect phone for her

  • Did you know Bungee gum has both properties of rubber and gum? Yes, BUT did you know IPX8 is highly water resistant and hasn’t been tested on dust 😂

  • is this version comes with dual sim + one ESIM?

  • Excellent review.

  • I wish they stop putting camera bumps on phones, and just use the space for a bigger battery.

  • Thank you for this review, it completely discouraged me to invest in this gimmicky flold series. I'm gonna patiently continue to wait for my trusty Note series to come back with a new model. Still rocking the note9 without any issues or complaints. Battery still holds for a day, camera is decent, display is nice, s pen is flawless. I guess we'll have to wait and see

    • @moondarck yeah I agree, I have a note 9 too. Absolutely love it, definitely one of the best phones they've made. It would be a shame if they stop the series.

    • @sierra victory it is being speculated, yes. But I hope not, for me Note is their best series of all time.

    • I may be wrong, but wasn't it announced they won't be making more notes now that the fold and the s21 ultra supports the s pen?

  • the fun fact is, if this was an apple's product, this guy was calling it as a masterpiece!! he is surely a apple (useless) fan boy*

  • Imagine if the apple make an I phone fold. The economy is going to blow up

  • Love how extensive you are in your reviews! Everything I've watched your reviews they have helped me make an educated decision on if I would be willing to accept the drawbacks for the features that it has to offer. I love my fold so far! Everything you said about it was on point though!

  • 0:43 Why does it cost 700 000 HUF = 2250 USD here?


  • I will never get a non-fold ever again unless they invent something new and better. Having both a quick & thin phone for quick checks and then a full size tablet for dual screen apps, videos or reading makes this phone highly productive. This is a good phone for millennial investors to do research while being on your brokerage at the same time. This is also good phone for manga. It's terrible for Facebook (and all of it's subsidiaries) because Facebook (and all of it's subsidiaries) causes young teens to have negative thoughts and they are evil af. But yeah it's an awesome phone.

  • Looks like he is sitting in one of Elon Musk factories

  • I’m looking to buy one of these tomorrow can answer a question for me what’s you take on a person getting this phone because it’s compact I’m a truck driver in and out of a truck Al day and I’m needing a compact phone on my side

  • so this would be terrible to fit in girl pockets cuz i swear the pockets are made like 3 inches long so if this shit heavy it'll probably always fall out & would literally pull down my pants constantly😂

  • Cool 😎😎😎

  • Intro track is Zero Equals Infinity by 20syl

  • Once you go big you can't go back.

  • Really, really good video -- watched as I await my Fold 3 to arrive tomorrow -- already own the Flip 3 and 'Santa' was nice earlier this year, so here we go! Looking forward to the experience. And yes, I'm a former Note 20 user (and many Notes before that). The pen and the case (Samsung's, of course) is on its way. One recommendation to your users -- if you're going to get this phone for the upcoming Holidays, do it sooner than later with this 'Supply Chain' issue we have in the U.S. right now.

  • Mehn Marques I got this samsung note 10 plus and the battery is completely bad.. please I need a new phone.😭

  • Love your introduction to all your reviews, so on point and attention to details. If I hadn't already own a Tab S6 and Note 10, I will sure be getting myself a Galaxy Fold 3. Excellent presentation my friend.

  • i want it for a week! and then back to my 13 max pro 😅 its really cool though!

  • I just broke my LG wing so here I come

  • Great review..

  • Samsung must love nintendo.

  • I think the Fold is better than this one but these phones are so expensive and you can’t put cases on them because they fold. I prefer the regular style phone.

  • The main question is??? Do they have a car dock for it???

  • I still have the tab s4 and the reason why I haven't upgraded is because Samsung removed the headset jack. There is plenty of space for them to put one in but don't know why they don't, it's better for benjing tv shows and charge at the same time. That's something you can't do with wireless earphones. Hope they add it in this year.

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  • Man I'm here wanting to watch just a simple review of just the phone I haven't seen before Man you complain too much bro I'm sorry you just complain too much but you do bring out the phone's cool features about the phone too

  • Impression after using for 2 days. Love the skinny front. I do most things on the front screen as its perfect for 1 thumb operations. Also the thickness means no accidental palm presses. No better phone for watching early Trailer Park Boys.

  • Great review. Time fly by thx

  • its like a remote

  • Pretty sure its more screen for me to break 😂 not for 1800 dollars. 👎

  • I’ve had a shit ton of phones man, probably close to 30. I had the galaxy s20 ultra and then I got an iPhone se for minimalism. This phone is something new. I am incredibly excited about it and it has me as excited as I was for the galaxy note 2 back in 2012. Before I found you I watched cold fustion, a channel who makes high quality content like you do.

  • Most helpful review

  • Imagine a Foldable that could fold three ways. A Flip that goes as big as the Fold.

    • A piece of paper folded 42 times will reach the moon.

  • $1800 for a phone is absolutely hilarious.

  • I'd buy a folding screen phone when it comes down to $200 in price. Right now I can buy both a tablet and a smartphone way less than that price, with both outperforming it.

  • That cool thanks for your Opinion and the video

  • DO NOT BUY ONE OF THESE PHONES. My inner screen broke in 2 weeks of light use, cracked right up the hinge just like the fold 2s. Samsung refusing to see it as a defective unit and denying warranty. It broke when I opened the phone with two hands, I saw and heard it happen. It was also witnessed by a 3rd party. Brand new phone, never dropped, not otherwise damaged, so new didn't even have a case yet. Avoid the pain shop elsewhere

  • Yeah I didn't know that it came with a front camera

  • Nice phone

  • "All phones are foldable, some only once" -a certain guy on the internet

  • Looks like I'll wait a couple years and check into the Z fold again. I'm currently on a Note 10 ➕ 5g Don't really want to spend it until it's better

  • MKBHD, I don't understand how you can call the fold worse than the flip. Every other tech youtuber has the opposite opinion, because there's no point to the flip. If you wanted a regular smartphone experience, get a normal one that doesn't sacrifice lots of things in order to flip. But the fold, gives you a one-handable phone on the outside, and when you want/need it, a tablet when you unfold it. I really want to enjoy your content, but there are some things you or your writers clearly, at best, don't even think about, at worst, are just plain ignorant.

  • i like your honesty and the way you keep it simple and all , thank you so much😍👍

  • I would simply buy an iPhone 13 pro AND an iPad mini with the cell service to achieve the same effect for the same price

  • The fold looks good and i think they have a great future

  • Came here after watching the studio video.

  • Hi...

  • I use a small 7-in tablet mount for my car and my fold two holds up real well on it. Yes you can't use magnetic Mount but if you get an easy tablet mount it works real well you can even be operated by one hand.

  • Watched this then bought a IPhone 13 pro max .

  • It's pretty silly. We've essentially reverted back in time. Companies are running out of tech ideas so now we're playing with the body. Prices just keep going up. It's all silly.

  • But this phone is for people who want/need a big screen but also have portability so why not talk about that rather than comparing it with another standard phone?

  • So if I were to use the phone for like close to all day use is it worth it or should I get the z flip 3

  • If they went for a normal while folded then a mini tablet type form unfolded I would go for it 100%, I really wanted this because it's exactly what I want but the thin screen doesn't do it for me.

    • You wouldn't be able to reach across the screen because of the thickness and screen wideness. Coming from a 20Ultra im actually loving the thin screen. Everything can be done with one thumb. Just wish the inner screen was higher res.

  • 3 word : you the best 👌

  • Google gonna make they own fold so not gonna fix ESmain

  • Imagine paying a mortgage for a fucking phone...... Man how times have changed.

  • Its useable but ita not a tablet and i hate how everu ody on youtube is blowing up the porportion on the phone the thing is tiny. Compared to a normal sized phone. Its not all that big

  • "on a screen that is not even an inch bigger than a Note 20 Ultra" This statement is not true because you're comparing different aspect ratio screens. What's important is the actual surface of the screen