Samsung Z Flip 3 Review: The First Big Step!

Publicado el 26 ago 2021
Samsung made a folding phone I can actually recommend to real humans!
Crucial SSDs:
That shirt!
Flip 3 skins:

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Phone provided by Samsung for review.



  • """ let's pray for those people who doesn't have food to eat on lock down and for corona patient """ ♥️♥️🧡🧡

  • will jumpship asap if samsung figures out the crease issue

  • Ds phone isn’t real it cant hurt you

  • Damn

  • can i know the background design of the z flip 3?plz plz plz plz plz plz

  • I don't get the big deal over a foldable phone. It seems like the companies are grasping for straws in order to keep the prices high. I don't see how a foldable phone significantly increases the user experience.

  • Looks like a makeup kit

  • talak shiya yao raoliga kana

  • Please provide the link of wallpaper that you used

  • Only 2 skins from the website? Am I missing something...

  • I am thinking of changing my phone from Iphone to Samsung.... but at the same time, I get confused... Should I change or not?

  • Good concept, very convenient to carry around. Apple needs to do it

  • I love this phone. My only hold up, is I feel like the crease line in the middle of the phone would bother me. It bothers me even watching this video.

  • 4:18 - accidental F-bomb. Very un-Marques.

  • the battery is no good

  • Every time you say you want the buttons on the other side of the phone do spare a moment to think of left handers like myself. Your frustration with that one design is my frustration with most devices is the world...which are designed for right handers convenience! Small insight into our world!

  • Thank you for this review. This will probably end up being my next phone.

  • Does this glass have a time line before it fucks up from too many open and shuts?

  • I think the phone is beautiful and interesting.... looks way better than my iphone 13 pro which i bought more out of necessity (osx imessage integration/keychain/etc).

  • Where can I find the HD of that wallpaper?

  • Sweet video review man. Do you use a cover with this? I just got the cream, and I love it too much to cover it.. but was wondering what your experience has been like without one if thats what you're doing.

    • the non matte black colours are far too slippery to go without a case. and this is coming from someone who has been going without a case for like 3 or 4 years, easily. i love the naked phone experience, but this phone is just on another level of slipperiness. so get urself a nice silicone case

  • With all my respect to the guy who talks in the video... But why there's gay flag background on the phone.

  • Nice t shirt

  • I wanted this phone, but was told it was terrible for gaming, so I got the Iphone 12 instead since that was the other choice.

  • I cant wait for Apple to invent this next year

    • @Chris Choi But yeah you're definitely right. Like those facial recognition iphones? lmao. Android already had those since 2013 or so. They're like YEARS advanced 😩

    • @Chris Choi but the thing is they can't. the goal and basically the whole reason why apple even exists is because they're “different” from Android. once they do something that already exists in android phones especially well known ones, the saying “Apple is copying Android” is only going to be much more relevant. That's why they're running outta ideas. Because the fact that people are going to shame them for copying, and the fact that Android is literally giving us the ACTUAL technology that should be out on this generation; iPhone flip phones? I just don't see them happening. And they can't. Cause if it does, the whole point of the existence of Apple is just gonna be swept under the rug: To be different and unique

    • @& exactly what i was gonna say. people give apple way too much credit on innovation. it will take them at least 4 or 5 years to get a foldable phone out, not 1 year

    • they won't, and they can't.

  • Nice... wonder if they will have any Nintendo SP modes or games

  • You have already mentioned how you can notice the crease in the middle of the screen and feel it with your hand. Do you think the folding part of the screen will wear out over time and cause display issues?

  • I've only watched two of your videos including this one and you're already one of my favorite tech reviewers. You have this laid back, calm voice but you really seem to know your stuff. Plus, it doesn't hurt that you have many of the same sensibilities I do when you notice features or have critiques to offer. Liked and subscribe; I don't know how long you've been at this but here's to hoping you have a great future doing this ahead of you!

  • It's the crease that worries me. How long before it is NOT as noticeable and maybe start cracking 🤔

    • @sofia thanks!

    • It’s supposed to crease. And the crease is barely noticeable in person and you get used to it. And I know people who still have the 1st gen version and it’s never cracked, the screen is very strong

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  • Anybody got that wallpaper?

  • They should put a loop on the hinge so that you can put a phone strap on it and swing it around like the old times

  • Wallpaper?

  • I like the honest review both pros and cons

  • I thought it was an iPhone lol. looks like it

  • This does sound good but I might wait until the flip 4

  • As someone that has been having an iPhone since the 4 I never taught I’d be saying this, I just purchased my first Galaxy and it’s this one. Let’s see how it goes.

    • I also just made the switch from iPhone to zflip3. I'm sold and in love with the zflip3

  • Does anyone know if it has the finger print thing to unlock your phone?

  • 10 years later watch this be like origami.

  • Thank you so much! Now I feel comfortable purchasing one. 😆

  • The company 'Crucial' is CROOKED! Find a more honest sponsor!

  • I would prefer a scroll type of phone that looks like a normal mobile phone but can be pulled from the side make the screen wider

  • Now finding a case that folds with it would be nice

    • There are many cases for it, and the case basically comes into 2 parts for the top and bottom. And some cases even have a ring so you can attach a keychain or put it on a lanyard

    • Samsung do have flip covers for Z Flip. Although idk if it comes with the box or sold separately. Some review from retail users I saw had it came with the cover but I guess that's more of a pre-order benefit.

  • I need this! Btw new subacriber here

  • The way you tilt and examine a device, the attention to detail. You dont just throw a video up, you make quality content and i appreciate that.

  • Wha5ts the point of the fold??!

  • I really don’t see flip phones taking off and becoming the norm. It’s something new so people are curious about it but honestly the hype has already started to die down and it’s mainly because there is really no purpose to a foldable phone other than to flex on people. A much cool invocation would be is to make a high quality, under the screen selfie camera. Now that would take off instantly.

  • The question I have, do you actually need a foldable phone?

  • I would love to have a flip smart phone. I’ve been saying this for years. Hope they continue improving and I hope other companies hop on board too. Think I’m gonna skip on this one, I want to really how far they can improve on this before I buy

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  • Still Apple does the best pictures though

  • This phone is too cute. For all those flip phone lovers.. this is our phone🤩

  • As of right now, the only way that I could see myself with a folding phone is if they find a way to make it glass, or some other type of material that has the same type of sturdiness or stronger than glass, which I don't see that happening anytime soon, and also, I would prefer to have one similar to that of the Samsung Galaxy Fold, that fold out to be the size of an iPad, that way I can keep it folded to have the size of my current phone, and then fold it out to be the size of my iPad when needed/wanted.

  • Can you feel the crease in the screen when you run your finger down it ? When the phone is fully open*

    • You can barely feel it, and you get very used to it over time

  • 👆👆👆06:31:31 Càng phân tích tim em càng nhức nhối. Anh nỡ (lòng) nào trị tuyệt đối tình em. Em yêu anh bằng định lý chân thành. Và tình em đã tiến về vô cực. 🌎 💐

  • Can Samsung make it possible for the flip to play an alert sound when you open it just like Star Treks communicators, thanks x

  • Ngl, I’m an iPhone person and always have been. But I’m desperate for this phone

  • 22:44:55. Giới hạn của hàm số là lim, còn giới hạn của trái tim là cậu. 🌵 ☘

  • Interesting I guess, but folding the phone in half does not make it smaller...its the same volume. It takes up the same amount of space. It's half as long, but twice as thick. Not necessarily an advantage.

  • I wonder how one would put an external cover on these foldables to prevent fall related damage

    • Covers are available for this phone as well

  • What happens if you lean it over does it close?I don't think its worth getting if it does that

  • Every step forward they make on these phones is one step closer to cracking the code and getting it right. Respect to Samsung.

  • Flip phones: *I'm not impressed, I can do that too!*

  • now i know who you favor. the celebrity you look like the most is Taye Diggs. You ever heard that b4?

  • I'd prefer the Teracube 2e Basic phone above minimum standards, low cost

  • If I wanted my primary phone to be an android, I’d totally pick this. That being said, I love my 2019 razr as a work phone because I don’t need the processing power or any of the other features, and the large cover display + the retro design is why I bought it.

  • Marcus, men have purses now...WokeBHD :D

  • What’s the point of folding if you don’t get a tablet size phone when unfolding? Seems useless.

  • beat name anyone in the start?

  • Once they get it flat I'm buying it. Some nerd out there knows the math to do it

  • I am going to enjoy not being on contract for a little while but I'm very excited to get a version of this phone. I loved my old flip phone!

  • I'm really considering trying this one out

  • I got the phone tuesday, the 256g version.. the dip in the screen doesn't take long to get used to. Also, i must be the only one who is happy it's a flat screen w a little bezel... i grew tired of my notes having curved screens. Also, i did not realize when i got it there is no heart rate sensor.. not a deal breaker but i like being able to check my oxygen and hr w the phone.

  • Awesome review. Thank you.

    • So I bought this phone about a week ago. Absolutely great I haven't had any complaints it's been a bit of learning curve especially with the dip in the middle of the display. Otherwise great. But this morning I had it in my bed and it kind of bended just a bit. And when I picked it up I panicked because I'm not used to having a phone that can bend. So I thought that I broke it. before instantly remembering "oh yeah, it's supposed to do that." Been a long time since I've had a folding phone. Going to take a little bit to get used to having a folding phone again.

  • I swear some of y'all expecting the phone to turn into a Tesla or smth

    • i'm actually a lot more excited for the Flip format to take off than the Fold's, i'd love to see a bunch of different models that flip into a little square compete in the future

  • The crease is what puts me off of buying

  • I have all 3

  • Iphone must be like omg

  • Actually really cool that you can take selfies using the better camera 🤯 I just switch from android to apple, now I’m tempted to go back to android for this flip phone 🤯

  • 👌🔥

  • İ want this walpaper of flip:)

  • I love this guy's reviews. No bias just straightforward telling us what's there. Plain layman's terms are great for us all.

  • Flexing on us with that Tesla app on the home screen..... 👀

  • This phone is silllllly!

  • I just bought one of these phones today. If someone doesn't make a Nintendo DS emulator for this phone it will be a sin.

  • That cool that the phone filp

  • A person with a lot of bmoney should get

  • The phone is great

  • Good technology, pretty practical but its really insanely high price for it. New tech is expensive and expected but it has to drop price eventually

  • Ive been trying to decide between This and the Pixel 5A...but i think I'll rather wait to see a newer version of this Flip & see where it goes in the future, I keep hearing this one overheats a lot, which is something thats an often issue with samsung phones. Also maybe they'll find a way to remove the crease. Im sure this series will improve a lot, but i think it's best to wait for now.

  • Not bad

  • Gaaaay

  • I didn't know this phone existed. Now I can't decide between the Pixel 6 or this one.

  • nice review dont get whats the big deal it’s a phone that folds yay…

  • Anybody else notice that grave in the back yard?😆🤓

  • Americans are the only people thatll complain about the consequence of having a foldable phone like a crease. It's folding glass. Theres gonna be a crease.

  • It's fine 😅

  • I REALLY want this phone

  • Now you do very well when doing tech reviews like this. Reviewing cars or doing interviews......😕

  • i like the droop for text with the flip 1 >.> like a nice focus spot. lol. also i hate bixby.

    • also i still love them ive wanted clamshell foldable phones since spy moves in the 90s