Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 Impressions: 3 New Features!

Publicado el 11 ago 2021
Z Fold 3 adds S-Pen support, 120Hz cover display and a hidden under-display selfie camera 👀

Z Flip 3 Impressions:

First-gen hidden selfie camera:

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  • Had this fone for only 4 days and returned it.. it’s garbage! Flip fones r history n not a good investment!! I don’t see anyone lining up around the corner to get this fone like iPhones!! And who the hell still uses pens???

  • To answer your final question. I did. I got the 512. It only comes in Black. I really hope I don't regret it

  • Answer. No

  • I would buy it I would just need to save my money to do it

  • Great Video and always check out your review before i buy stuff. I love fold 3 so much after i bought it like 1 day ago. but i run into a strange problem, while watching netflix, i open up youtube searching something, but as soon as i play a youtube video, netflix pause, when i play netflix and youtube pause. just out of curiosity, anyone know how can i play them at same time?

  • Got one last weekend

  • Yes definitely getting it for 1800 I already have the fold 2 n 1

  • I know its happened and all but I still can't really believe we are Back at flip phones. Such fond memories of my little pink lfip phone I had through most of high school. What a time

  • Note 9 user here, bought the fold 3 it's amazing! Dont hesitate the future is here now! Very happy dont care about the camera battery doesn't last long but fast charging and a brick go a long way and at work u don't always use the main screen...

  • 1800 is pricey i ordered mine. I think if you factor in the devices you could possible replace. A note and or tablet, or a s21 and a tablet, with 5g connectivity and condense it all into one device. I think its a nice productivity gadget. Does it have dex? If it does then you have a chromebook also.

  • problem with samsung is that they always want to be the first to release a tech, under display camera, first foldable phone, but keeps failing to deliver, always feels like unfinished tech

  • I'm curious how long the hinge on the screen holds up the one on my gen2 is starting to crack

  • I have 2gen and what I've noticed with gen 3..The actual fold in the senter in the middle is more noticeable...But the gen3 feels better in the hand and looks slightly thinner to me.

  • The underscreen camera is really not bad for a first gen thing. It's usable and better than I thought it would be

  • Love my fold 3. It's not an ordinary phone it's an extraordinary phone

  • Thanks for the video

  • And the filp phone is amazing

  • This is a cool phone

  • In the future I’m thinking to get Galaxy Z 3

  • Cool but for that price I would rather buy a motorcycle off Craigslist

  • i want the fold, but husband would say "not today satan". so i'll get the flip! lol

  • Waiting on mine. thank you for the video!!! Loved your videos from 10 yrs ago

  • Samsung's case for the phone does include an s-pen and that pen holster comes off the case too if you don't wish to use it. Not great. Not bad. Only cost 50 bucks for the case/pen. Not sure if that bundle was a thing on launch but it is now. I do love the phone though! Quirky "little" phone.

    • This Phantom Green is absolutely sexy btw

  • That hidden selfie camera is absolutely a turn off for me. I want to cover my selfie cameras on every device how would I do it on this!?

  • flip 3 is gorgeous

  • Is there a Samsung note fold ? That would be dope

  • Yeah that understandable

  • And the hole punch on the display looks awesome 👌 👏 🤲👊✊👏👍👍👍💥🔥🔥

  • I think it a great phone it's the same Samsung except it has a new design and foldable

  • So far this looks like a great phone

  • I'm literally so jealous I'm actually asking people if they have one

  • Thanks for reviewing I have one I got today I will open later it’s looking great so far

  • Thank you for a good detailed video 🍁❤️ from Ontario . I love samsung. They have things the world has never seen before. I love the note series. But at $1800 this is way to pricey.

  • Price?

  • No, I would not pick up this Phone for $1,800.

  • i want them to make some kinda glass phone with images inside see through glass, phones are boring but at leastthese folding phones are somewhat fun to mess with

  • Yes I would buy it (already did) I have the Fold 2 and step up is not that bog a step from 2 to 3 as fold 1 to 2 was, but faster front screen. Several other incremental features and lastly Samsung buy back program convinced my to go for the Fold 3

  • I think Samsung is going into tbe wring direction with flip phones. Seems outdated i would prefer to see a phone that the screen can rotate to the back of the phone something like fliping the camera. But only the image on screen goes from fromt to the side and then to the back the phone where the back facing camera becomes a selfie and vice versa

  • Great phone and products but I've lost all confidence in Samsung support in our country. It's being run by *******... They can't even do simple IMEI and e-Vouchers.

  • Flip for me

  • Lmao its a ds

  • The Surface Duo 2 is the better phone especially if you're doing typing and Multitasking.

    • @Juu Iltaa VaanTiny compared to the Duo...Two 3.8in screens vs Two 5.8in screens. Also, Too many steps to multitask...Duo is 1 step.

    • @Muyanzi Reid not really i just got one and its plenty big enough for multitasking

    • @Juu Iltaa Vaan the screen on the Fold 3 is too small for you to split the screen in half and use one half of the screen as a keyboard and the other half as a monitor.... Also the screen is too small to split in half and multitask ... Using split screen mode it turns that 7.6 in screen into 2 small 3.8 inch screens.... Compared to the Duo which has two 5.8-in screens... Way better for multitasking.

    • @Muyanzi Reid nah

    • @Juu Iltaa Vaan it's true

  • people with the $$$ will be interested.

  • Are you really put off by not having 120hz on the front screen on the Fold 2? Like honestly? For day to day use I'd take a 10fps outer screen if it meant better battery life.

  • My wife wants to know where you got your koi fish carpet. Lol

  • Is it basically a foldable Note? I have Note but looking to switch. Wondering there differences

    • @goodtyme thanks

    • i got a fold 3 on launch day and my only complaint so far is battery life. it isnt bad, just not that great. will likely be very low at the end of the day. other than that, best phone ive had, highly recommend if you can afford it. ive never owned a note phone so not sure on how similar it is but i can imagine the only difference is where to store the pen since it doesnt come with a slot. the samsung case for it is pretty bad too

  • I love your videos, you do a great job with detailing the features in a simplicic manner! I ordered the flip but I'm wondering if I should have gotten the fold now! Ugh!!! That price though! 😬

  • I would buy this phone I use to phone to watch TV and videos and im into big screens thats why I loved the curve and the note. I just hope it's durable

    • i dropped mine once with a case with no issue. i dont think its any less durable than anything else out there

  • I'm definitely keeping my zfold 2 for now.. I was also hoping for the 1500 dollar price tag..

  • hmmmm macOS big sur wallpaper on a samsung phone

  • I love that everybody talks about the camera butt then never use it

  • I love how everyone is going crazy on this when Nintendo did the same years ago with a camera and many more things

    • ? this is very different from a ds. the ds is 2 screens and the fold is 1 big screen that folds in the middle

  • Theres no case that would protect that phone

    • ? theres a lot of cases, i have one for my fold 3

  • i just bought this🕺

  • It's to thicc

    • i have one and it's not too bad for me

  • How is the battery life?

    • i have one and could definitely be better. thats the only con tho, the rest is fantastic

    • @Gary Potter That's why I was resisting it. My Samsung note 20 ultra had been miserable, coming from a Huawei Mate 20x I had ample battery left at the end of the day.

    • Not enough.

  • Im sold on the fold 3 buuuut um.... I can't afford that. The taxes are beyond me. I hope the pixel fold will be better priced.

  • But can I copy and paste an event in the calendar to another day while having the calendar open to see when I am free.........?

  • With such a big screen can I watch youtubes in 1440p?.......Nope.

    • They could do it but that would consume much more power. Ergo, more battery. Me personally? I'd carry around an 8oz phone. I don't know who else would though.

  • wow behind the display camera thats amazing, and in a folding phone.. but you're here complaining about camera quality when you should be talking about how cool it looks when it appears if front camera is opened and disappears when switching to another app

  • I like the fact that you can do selfies and vlog and see yourself now with the more powerful back camera. If there is a feature that would make me upgrade from my Note 20 Ultra, it's just that. The big screen is alright, too, since my eyes are getting old. 😅💕😁 Thanks for the review, Sir!

  • I love it but it’s way too expensive. I think would be more popular if cheaper

    • I agree. It is however a premium device in a market that is very strained right now due to some processor issues.

  • I'm using a fold 2 and only had it for few days and I'm in love and wanna get fold 3

  • I love this Phone but it's 2 expensive. Will wait for the prices to fall

  • Any graphic designers out there who have this phone and actually found the features useful? I just broke my phone after 6 years 🥲 bout time for an upgrade

    • You may be the perfect candidate, actually. It's a hybrid of a regular bar style phone and a tablet. It is more innately fragile due to the very experimental hinge design. PS Always remember to use Samsung Dex instead whenever you can instead of your baby's battery all up.🙂

  • Thanks for all the info. I've been wanting an iteration of this phone, but I am waiting on 2 things. One, I want more bugs to be worked out of it, be cause we both know, there are always bugs, and 2) waiting for the price to come down more. Yeah, I could get the Flip from Verizon for $59 a month, or this one for $69. My phone bill is high enough now, and who wants another 2 year contract? Not me.

  • I'll never get the jab

    • @brute9867 do you think the earth is flat?

    • @goodtyme Propaganda is everywhere. Hell no im not changing my genetic code with an experimental injection. 99,9 people survive it

    • sir this is a phone review.. also very stupid to not get it

  • Mark ass brown lee

  • Marques where are you from? Even though you are black, you don’t happen to sound like most black people sound like when they speak. You have a very fine way of talking.

  • I have owned the Samssung Flip3 5G You lose Connecting to TV via USBC and Fast charging

  • stupid price on it

  • I absolutely love this phone I was team IPhone forever but now I'll never go back!

  • As a loyal Samsung Galaxy Note user, I have made the BIG LEAP to the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3! My only gripe thus far, I wanted a 'silver' colored model, AT&T only has the green and black models at all nearby AT&T Stores.....I have a black smartphone, desperately want a SILVER phone without delays........I'm sure reality will hit on this phones cost when I see my 1st bill about 20 days from now (smile)*

  • RIP note

  • I am a loyal Apple user but I am bored…this phone is GORGEOUS! But $1800…ummm don’t know about that….yikes

  • This design seems to be better than the previous one

  • I order it and I can't wait to get it

  • Search for vaccines?? For fuckin' real??

    • whats wrong with it?

  • T

  • 1700??? That’s a car

  • Have one great phone

  • Bro idk what it is but I get a certain feelings for certain devices and then years later they become the norm

  • Not worth it yet

  • I'm gonna stick to my A71. HAHAHAHA

  • Beautiful phone /tablet

  • I have friends that work at Samsung and they literally told me they have no idea what the actual real work application is for this phone lol It's cool but literally acts like a phone due to severely limited adoption by developers. The tech they're really excited for is the camera behind the display, the rest of the phone is w/e to them.

  • My fold is on the way

  • I love the flip ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Ordered mine a week ago!

  • I have purchased this and I can't wait to get it and play with it!

  • Reason I don't follow this dude is because of his biased reviews towards samsung... The camera is not as good? Look other reviews that states pictures are better than the 12 Pro Max, and even the S21 in some.. Camera still amazing..nothing less there and you get a new level of phone.. Foldable... That not even your Apple phone can do, plus water resistant and much more tech into it, and yet you cry about it... Iphone 12 came in with a stupid price, no great zoom features and on night video,you get that annoying aura everytkme and yet you never complain.. Why? And the phone price is ridiculous... I know you favor apple bc it's what you like but be honest.. The Brit guy too is the same.. All praise on samsung sometimes but kill it on comments about price and for not being perfect... What a shame

  • They shouldn't call these things phones any more.

  • I already have a few folds...but I am working on those and don't need another.

  • Shot at 1:10 has a hair in it. Thats unlike mkbhd!!! Is everything ok?

  • I hope Apple will release a foldable iDevice soon. The combination between iOS and fold design would bring an exceptional experience. The price is gonna be $18K for sure though. 🥲

    • yea itll probably take a few years for them to make a foldable too..

  • Traded in my note 10+ for this fold and I do love the phone pretty badass I do hate they didn't include the pen when they promoted the phone with it as if it would come but nope.. I did use the pen when I had to take notes randomly and did it alot I just don't feel like carrying a pen all the time and there's no good case yet... I'll just have to wait 💀

  • Planning to buy one. I work on my phone and need multi-tasking abilities! I've been a Note user since 2012.. and I am still so sad my journey with Notes is ending.

  • 1800 is ok. Its just too thick.

    • hasnt been a problem for me so far, even with a case

  • The real question is can I play osrs on the fold

  • Got one for my son on his 16th Birthday. 512gb and at a discount from Samsung for £1650. Including a fast charger, case and s pen. He loves it but I'm not a fan. It is impressive but for me it will be quite a few years until they make these type of phones really thin, light and durable.