Reviewing EVERY iPhone Ever!

Publicado el 11 oct 2021
There have been 33 iPhones in 14 years. Let's take a look at every single one of them! (Android version next?)

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0:00 Intro
1:52 The Original iPhone
3:50 iPhone 3G
4:48 iPhone 3GS
6:19 iPhone 4
9:00 iPhone 4S
9:44 iPhone 5
11:17 iPhone 5S
11:55 iPhone 5C
13:07 iPhone 6/6 Plus
15:05 iPhone 6S/6S Plus
16:37 iPhone SE
17:42 iPhone 7/7 Plus
19:55 iPhone 8/8 Plus
20:22 iPhone X
22:28 iPhone XS/XS Max
23:05 iPhone XR
23:46 iPhone 11 Series
25:37 iPhone SE (2020)
26:35 iPhone 12 Series
28:15 iPhone 13 Series

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  • This was a very fun video to watch. Hope we'll get to see more videos like this.

  • All iPhone comments but didn’t anyone notice the Daft Punk poster in the background? LongLiveDaftPunk in our hearts and ears

  • iOS 15 also runs on iPhone 6s, not only SE1

  • I had my 3GS for nearly 6 years and went through 3 batteries, definitely got all my money's worth out of that one.

  • They'll never nix "Pro" but they may go "Pro+" instead of "Max"

  • need a android version right now. androids assemble

  • Can you do a samsung version of this?

  • The S stood for Samsung

  • What mount do you have for overhead shots

  • Plus, Max, Pro, Premium...

  • Hi please suggest should I buy S21 or S20 FE 5G & is it worth to wait for S21 FE

    • Whats the price on S20 FE 5G now? Got mine awhile back with T-mobile but then switched to Verizon and went with iphone 12 mini. It was a great phone though, just too big for me.

  • i own an iphone 4s with ios 9.3.5

  • the 13 pro max is such a rip off. In my country ( New Zealand ) that phone costs $3000! My 2003 Lexus was only $3500... What would you guys rather have?

  • 1. Faster data transfer speeds on cable wires and wireless data transfer speeds. Currently, the data transfer speeds on all latest iPhone cables are USB 2.0 data transfer speed. 2. Faster Wireless WiFi speeds. To be closer to 1GB. 3. Faster Cellular data speeds. 4. More Zoom capability on camera lens 5. No more notch on top of the phones please!

  • that intro thou

  • plus max pro then i think ultra then super and then best

  • Try to do the same with Samsung galaxy S Series lineup.

  • The original iPhone is still the only iPhone to have two tones on the back iPhone SE “okay then”

  • I remember back when the Motorola Droid launched to be the first phone to truly take on the iPhone 3GS. It was also exclusive to Verizon where the iPhone could still only be had on AT&T (in the US of course). It was super clunky and unrefined, but I loved mine anyways. I was always the power user that would just geek out over every new phone, so it fit me well. These days sadly nothing excites me anymore. It's all about stupid cameras that I feel no need to upgrade and other features that I just can't ever seem to care about. Also, apps and games have turned from useful, innovative, and fun to an ad-filled hellscape with few redeeming qualities that I just try to avoid. I miss the good old days, I just wish I could have my new phone with me back then lol.

  • iPhone 5c is the worst imo

  • Honestly, I think they’ll release the IPhone elite soon.

  • $RABBIT FINANCE 🔥🔥🔥🔥🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀

  • Can you please make a video on thunderbolt 3/4 dock for M1 Max/Pro. Which one a Mac Pro users should buy?

  • I remember all my friends telling me the iphone 5 was named as such because it had 5 lines of apps

  • I like how Samsung made the chip for the iPhone 3GS

  • I remember when everyone wouldn’t shut up about iPhone 7 rumours. Good times.

  • Music was too loud, great comparison however.

  • iphone 7 & XR camera design look so gooddd, even after I got used to the recent camera designs.

  • The 3G had the sim card tray at the top.

  • Can confirm that the 6SE does run the latest OS... and pretty well at that. I still use this phone daily - replaced the battery and headphone/lightning jack with the kit from iFixit about a year ago. Love my tiny phone.

  • Please do vid on samsung 🙏

  • I’ve got the IPhone SE 2020…in red lmao

  • 6s 2gb 7+ 3gb xs 4gb 12pro 6gb

  • I like if they change the name instead of pro max to premium. So the iPhone 14 premium. Idk sounds right

  • Fact check Marques iPhone 6s runs iOS 15 so that’s the oldest phone right now. I am using it…

  • I remember when the iPhone first came out. I was a senior in high school and went to the Apple store to see it. I remember thinking “this is the most insane, incredible technology I’ve ever seen. I’ll probably never be able to afford one”.


  • Awesome video! I appreciate the time and effort you put into these things!

  • What is the evolution of Marques Brownlee? I have been watching your channel since you were soo young!!! 😍😍

  • The IPhone 14 Pro Master

  • Marques ‘Big Graph Guy’ Brownlee 😅

  • My 1st iPhone was the 4s. Great phone

  • Yes to the Android history video!

  • Thank you so much for the review Marques, I think I'm going to go with the iPhone 4.

  • Plus Pro Max… Then maybe Ultra?😂

  • 3:21 It wasn't the only 2 tone iphone...

  • The iPhone SE was my favorite

  • I’m literally astounded that you didn’t mention that the 5s offered the first 64 bit processor ever used on a smartphone. Massive massive deal for the time

  • Background music too loud

  • 3:21 only 2 tone iphone ever made ? i think you are wrong bro... old iphone SE and 5s also have 2 tones.

  • The 6s was legendary as same as Sony's PS4 and Samsung's Galaxy S6 Edge. These items really made history.

  • ❤️

  • love your videos and your channel 🤗 but for the first time, the music is unbearable..

  • The callous format currently memorise because land microbiologically present despite a annoyed mitten. far, quarrelsome blizzard

  • Dope-eh Dope-eh 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥

  • nice video and infos man

  • I would like to see Samsung S series

  • I got the iPhone 3G when it first came out, and immediately jailbroke it. It was truly something else to have an iPhone 3G that was completely jailbroken back then when everyone else was still using shitty throwaway phones with cheap physical keyboards. It made you feel like royalty.

  • Hi, it does not connect to my iphone 12 pro. Have tried for hours. What can i do?

  • imaginne they go to "ultra" like samsung

  • No one buys iPods Touch any more, but the first few models sold well, especially the original. It came out only a few months after the original iPhone, and many people got one because of the accessible price and not having to pay for cellular data.

  • 30:54 Clever.

  • Iphone 6S💯💓👍💝💌💞

  • Awesome work!

  • iPhone would kill us

  • My wife still use a iPhone 6 😀

  • First iphone is faster than shitty 3 year old samsung phone.

  • Me watching this on my iPhone 6 still

  • The 5C was a fingerscannerless option for the customer who felt adversely about finger scanning. The 7 represents the last ever iPhone with a non glass back which I think will be important to mention in years to come… 11 Pro, you forgot to mention that this one shipped with a completely new feel. A satin frosted back finish! This might not seem important; but I think with how Apple will augment (in a literal sense) it’s new designs; we will see (iPhone 15 or 16 possibly) a unique two screen pro phone , but with the pro second back… remaining frosted. Haptics will return bigger better abs stronger when the technology allows (think trackpad and iPhone made love) Marcus, hold a 13 Mini (Product)Red and tell me it’s not the best variation. But lastly the style of your graphs - they beautifully foreshadow the dawn of 3 Dimensional camera recording. Where photos and possibly video will be able to be documented and stored in True Depth giving an almost unseen before 3 dimensional experience to how we store memories, draw and communicate in a socially distanced world! Seeing the lineup goes to show it’s not impossibe that Apple already has iPhone XX (20) well amd truly already on the drawing board.

  • Let's just take a moment and appreciate the incredible quality of the videos Marques produces. I am rewatching the intro for the 5fth time, I think. Just cause it's awesome

  • A review of every samsung phone ever would be amazing

  • My future dream car!

  • Reviewing evey apple watch .......

  • love to see the android version of this!

  • Mrwhosetheboss arun did this 2years ago!!!

  • Please pleasseee do an android version like this !!

  • what a cool video

  • I remember people complaining about the design change from 5 to 6

  • This man had C148 write that first song behind thé iPhone 2007 🤣

  • The nostalgia punch’d my face when the 4s came on the vid, my first iPhone ever, now i’m using a 8 Plus.

  • Max Pro Plus…. They’re gonna start saying Ultra, Super, Star, Wizard

  • My favorite phones were 6plus and 5

  • The iPhone better

  • I bet Apple could market the hell out of the "iPhone Pro Max Ultimate" lmao

  • plus, pro, max, spectacle

  • What killed the iPhone for me was the removal of the headphone jack. I've been on Android ever since.

  • The iphone 6 was my favorite and design actually its SO beautiful to me.

  • me watching this with my very first iphone this year.

  • Haha, iPhone Tennis and iPhone Tenner

  • Ultra is the next word they’re going to ise

  • I introduced to you the newest iPhone, the iPhone 15 Expert

  • I would really enjoy you going over all the android phones. Also keep up to good work on your awesome videos 😁

  • I love how there is 33 I phone models ever made and the video is 33 minutes long 😂

  • Ngl… iPhone 5 was still my favorite. I’m on a 12pro max right now, and happy it gives me nostalgic vibes *started on a 3G* the iconic globe lock screen 🥺😢

  • 12:45 Yes! I’ve been annoyed with them always saying that too! Like, of course it’s the best one you’ve made so far. That’s never an impressive statement to make. It just makes them sound dumb. *sigh* It bugs me so much.

  • Marques: ''hope it has a port'' some guy from Apple watching: ''You're not that guy pal''

  • My first phone was an iPhone 5s with no data and that thing was so fun and I loved it but than I got an 11 and we threw it away and I was so mad cause to me that was the best phone of all time i didn’t care about android or new phone features that was it idk why I am sharing this

  • Very cool review... can you maybe do the review of Google lineup as well? I mean from first Nexus to latest Pixel phones