iPhone 13 Review: Lowkey Great!

Publicado el 27 sep 2021
iPhone 13 improves the 3 most important parts of a smartphone.
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  • ???

  • Where is the iPhone 13 review ?

  • Started with an iPhone 6, jumped straight to XR and pretty excited for the switch to iPhone 13. Agreed, no need to change every year if cannot afford it.

  • Well, if you're an iphone user you actually can't pick and choose. At best iphones are supported for 5 years... even if the hardware will last much longer than 5 years. A great example is the 1st gen iphone SE, the best phone apple has ever made is reaching it's EOS. Meanwhile my original samsung galaxy s2 is still kicking it on android 14 with up to date security patches... a 10 year old phone...

  • gonna upgrade from an XR to a 12 pro or 13. which one do you think it s better ? or worth the money ?

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  • Im not money give this phone😥

  • I’ll be upgrading from my XR either for my birthday next August, but then I might wait the extra month to see the iPhone 14 next September.

  • 11 pro to 13? Bad idea lemme know!

  • Bought this beauty and I’m very satisfied so far.

  • Best colours imo 1. Space Grey 2. Red 3. White 4. Midnight Green 5. Other

  • Better than samsung s21?

  • My bank account is crying but I feel well knowing I improved a cashiers life by 10%

  • Exact same as last year and the year before that 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • I have the iphone SE 1st gen, and i was thinking of getting the 13 mini. Is it a good idea??

  • Hey, Whatsup? MKBHD here.

  • from a person who's coming from iphone 6s & one plus 5T, which one of the 12 or 13 series iphone will you recommend (given a budget crunch as well) ?

  • iPhone 13 didn't do enough to make me upgrade my iPhone 11. I think going from iPhone 11 to iPhone 14 will be a more noticeable upgrade next year in 2022 than if I had jumped early this year. If it ain't broke, don't fix it. I'm also waiting on 5g coverage to be in a lot more places than just a few major cities at the moment. Hopefully the hardware + network coverage will improve next year.

  • I'm so tempted to get the mini, it's so cute haha. Any reason to pick the mini over a pro? Any suggestions?

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    • @TayK-47USA what about the 120hz display?

    • weight, price, pro got cameras you probably won’t notice unless your a professional photographer, you need 2 fingers to type on pro as opposed to mini which is made for 1 hand use

  • Well the reason you can’t use the ultra wide is because as apple said, it’s using the ultra wide camera to tell in advance when someone is about to come into frame so it can be ready to shift focus to that person

  • Even when I'm at home for most of the day, I only plug my phone in at night, because at the end of the day, I usually have anywhere from 40-20% left. It's honestly pretty amazing. Also when I have to be on the move for 10 hours, with school and sports, constantly checking my phoine or lisnening to stuff, it really helps to have the amazing battery. Plus, this is all while running pro-motion. Very impressive.

  • I have an iphone 7 for 2 year now and i feel like i want too upgrade to an 13 but idk if i shold can somone help me.

  • Awaiting delivery for mine so I'm back to watch the review properly!

  • ha pp1

  • You should do a collab with MrWhosTheBoss

  • Hey! Really nice review! i had a question i am currently using an IPhone X should i upgrade to IPhone 13 or not? can anybody answer me i am really confused!

  • if im upgrading from an iPhone 6, Should I get an iPhone 11 or iPhone 13 mini?

  • i feel like one day apple would bring the round edges back again calling it new lol

  • They might change Pro to Lux for their high end models

  • Upgraded from an 8 to the 13 this year. Happy w/ my purchase so far. 💯

  • Is this phone better value than the 13 pro?

  • The only tech review I trust 😌 hits all the points, realistic, and the demonstrations 🙌🏽

  • It’s so got Handy Appel is the best

  • 15:49 what happened to the phone? Why'd it change to ultra

  • Did not mention my most important features of a smart phone. Using it is as an actual phone and mini lap top. The 13 mini is the worst "smart" phone i've ever had. I think people love the iphones because they feel that there is some kind of prestige about owning one. I am so sorry i spent $700 on this thing. It is absolutely more difficult to use than my previous $100 android phone. SMFH!

  • Should I get the iPhone 13 512gb or 12 pro max 256gb?

  • I had the 8 for 2 years, then the 10 for 3 years. Today I got the 13.

  • If the iPhone is a Camry, what is a Ferrari?

  • Best damn reviews out there, just placed my order on the 13 today and I can’t wait!

  • Should I swap my iPhone 11 for a 13?

  • Marques hit it on the head here. I upgraded from a regular 11 to the 13 mini, and it’s just a way better phone. Still the basic UI experience you always get from an iPhone, just sharper, clearer, faster, with better battery life, screen, and cameras. T-Mobile was practically giving them away with a tech upgrade, so it was definitely time.

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    • @TheSamuraiChamploo normal sized mens hands, I wear large gloves. Thought I was gonna miss the screen from my 11, but I don’t

    • Mini!! How small are your hands? The normal size doesn’t even fit in my hands right, the pro max is perfect

  • Just ordered a 13 pro but the delivery times are 4-5 weeks away and it's so damn expensive here in New Zealand. Iphone 13 however is reasonably priced and arrives in 5 days, so watching all the iphone 13 reviews to justify if I can change my order to 13 instead of 13 pro.

  • When will they have the rounded edges back

  • I’m not paying any more attention to iPhones until they finally release airdropping battery

  • Nice bluff on the drill

  • i don't care about the camera

  • I liked that Marques acknowledged not having to upgrade every year. I have an iPhone 8 Plus, I love it but, it is failing on recently. I think the 13 mini is definitely going to be my next purchase.

  • Marques: Im not ussually a blue guy Also marques: 1 year ago in a youtube video showing his 2 blue phones

  • Does the iPhone 13 have 120 hertz refresh rate ?

  • They sell clear cases that are actually really good ive got a clear tech21 case and glass screen protector and I swear I’ve dropped my phone a million times and both the screen and back of my phone are ✅✅✅

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    • So I’m upgrading from my dinosaur of a phone, the iPhone 6s. It’s finally giving out, but has served me well. I’ll be getting the iPhone 13, and I feel like I’m not going to know what to do with it because it’s so much more advanced, lol. Looking forward to enjoying better battery life, and the new camera. Thanks for the review, was very helpful!

  • Intro 1:06

  • I’m watching this with my iPhone 13 💓😅😛

  • My husband just gifted me an IP13, not the Pro but the regular 13. I hope he made a good choice!

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    • I still have an XS and am still super happy with it. I love seeing the new iPhones come out and the new features, but honestly, there hasn’t been any reason good enough for me to upgrade to a newer iPhone since the X/XS era. Not a bad thing, just interesting!

  • you sir are the king of reviews. I'd watch canned soup reviews from you.

  • Type C still not there , sad

  • Upgrading from 6s to 13 finally! the review really helped, appreciate it

  • Am i the only one that got a huge shock, when then music started in the beginning😂

  • Upgraded from 6s to 13.. and damn the difference feels surreal...

  • Thinking about switching to iPhone, coming from Android since 2009. Currently, I don't like the notifications system in iOS. Also, no app drawer. Any workarounds you recommend? Any seamless transfer app from android to ios?

  • 16:50 HA!

  • Upgrading from an IPhone XR. I do not regret going for this smaller phone. It is the perfect mini device and the performance and battery life is excellent. I can’t fault it in anyway, it feels so good in the hand too and I can finally use my device without having to play hand gymnastics. Texting with one hand is great. I can fit it into my pockets now with ease. Over-all a powerful mini phone. I do hope apple continues these mini phones because I will never go back to a bigger one.

  • Apple every few years “let’s just make us square again”

  • Suold I get the iPhone 13 mini or iPhone 13

    • It's crazy bro I literally watched you grow up on ESmain just thinking about how long you been doing this & been excellent at it

    • 13mini if you want cheaper but it does have less battery

  • The design of the phone is so antique.

  • Felt good about my purchase, feel even better now

  • I went from an iPhone6S - iPhone13 today and I feel like a brand new person🤣😂🤣

  • He said "PP" a lot in this video. 11/10

  • Bruh you can get 3 days with wireless charger

  • “yawn” I might replace last years Camry with a Rolls, meh. Pity the roller has a notch in the rear view monitor.

  • My bad, I have the regular because of my own, ‘innerstanding’ within the, “Inside-Out” Matrix we HARR ALL living within!

  • I have the iPhone 7plus and my dad said there’s no much difference in the price between the 12 or 13 so I’m getting the 13, ive never had a phone from the actual year I’m so excited

  • MKBHD: lowkey an Apple agent

  • It's time toh sell my kidneys 🙅‍♂️🧢

  • I was half expecting the baseball bat treatment what ever that would be but noooooooo.

  • Kindly advice if I should buy iphone 13 or samsung z flip 3....

  • yes we do not update every year but you seem to update every 2 weeks

  • Iphones same damn phone they just changed the color


  • My iPhone goes bust every 2 years so I HAVE to buy a new one

  • Features according to price are not so good.they are just looting

  • Imagine the iPhone 20 or iPhone 19

  • Who says cinematic video has to be 24fps ? It became movies/ hollywood standard because it simply was enough fps to not look choppy and was cheaper and more efficient on film roll. This has no bearing while talking digital, as long as you match your camera shutter speed (2x your selected frame rate = 2 x 30fps = 1/60 shutter speed ) you should be ok. Cinematic, at least to me comes from movement (gimbal stabilized ), edit cuts, framing and depth of field, and of course smooth focus racking. Which they clearly tried to simulate with this artificial blur around the main subject selected and automatic focus racking. For a phone, it's quite cool, yet I still wouldn't get it just for that. However, if I were you, and quite interested in cinematography, I'd get last year's discounted phone and put better money on a decent mirrorless(camera + lens) and gimbal combo.

  • Still funny that the "three most important parts" more relate to a digital camera than a phone :-P

  • I have a iPhone 10 and it’s pretty old and I’m thinking of trading it in for the 13 thx for the review

  • Lol in my country every 3 to 4 years people change their phones

  • In all these iPhone reviews, I never see anyone mention the dark gradient that Apple keeps insisting to place on your wallpaper so that they become washed out/gray/darker. Why pay big money for a phone that can't even properly display a wallpaper?

  • wallpaper link?

  • My iPhone SE first gen suddenly bit the dust. Surprise! Upgraded to the iPhone 13, I LOVE it so far!!!

  • I didn’t realise how much I’d like the square sides until I wanted to take a photo and realise it stood on its own

  • You mean Tweaking of the filters

  • He said the 11 pro was the best battery 🔋 this guy !!

  • Great intro

  • Me watching this on my new iPhone 13

  • What wireless car charger do you use?

  • joe mama!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • i just an ad of him before the vid even started

  • How many Mh battery is it?

  • 17:55 was that a starting of a dance move after "catch you guy's in the next one"??

  • could you make a studio video explaining how you made the floating iphone intro??

    • Finally someone appreciating that most people do not upgrade phones every year. We need more reviews comparing new phones from 2-3 generations back

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