iPhone 13 Pro Review: Better Than You Think!

Publicado el 1 oct 2021
iPhone 13 Pro is a big jump in 3 key areas, disguised by the same design!
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Phone provided by Apple for review.



  • I’ve watched so many reviews for phone where the reviewer complains about the phone “rocking” when laid flat on a table. Does any actually give a shit about that? I’m genuinely curious. I could not care any less if I tried but so many reviews mention it.

  • End music??

  • What’s your opinion please of coming from an iPhone 8 Plus thinking of upgrading to iPhone 13 pro max Thanks

  • Umm I need an explanation why apple Prices are different at different regions

  • 11pro max to 13 pro

  • Anyone have a link for the wallpaper? Thanks

  • I have the xr right now and ordered the 13pro 2 weeks ago and I am so excited. It's gonna be such a good upgrade

  • I went from the SE to the 13 pro. It was worth it.

  • Surface Duo is the best.... A whole other screen is the better choice screen that the IPhone features..

  • im going from an iphone 8 to the 13 pro max, cant wait - my forearms gonna be huge

  • Went from an 11 pro max to a 13 pro max and the difference is insane

  • I definitely noticed the promotion, I didn’t even know it was a thing but I noticed the display and things were much smoother, makes sense now

  • Waiting for 14 pro max

  • I want your shirt.

  • You are just another fan of apple I don’t like this review when it’s coming from a apple fan

  • Great Video. At first I couldn't tell if you was holding a 13 Pro Max or just the 13 pro.😁🤙 Mahalo for this Video, just ordered my Silver iPhone 13 Pro Max!

  • Ever since I've had the OnePlus 7 Pro I've said that a higher than 60hz display would make me switch to an iPhone. Guess it's time 👌

  • 1:08 (display) 1:48 (promotion) 4:02 (will the average user notice promotion?) 6:25 (batteries) 7:58 (cameras) 8:44 (camera specs) 9:36 (telephoto lens) 10:17 (ultra wide lens) 10:48 (macro photography) 12:10 (cinematic mode) 12:43 (proRes video) --------------------------------------------------------- WHAT THE IPHONE SHOULD HAVE FOR A 1000$ 14:32 (USB type C) 14:37 (faster charging) --------------------------------------------------------- 15:16 (limiting the 13 pro's frame rate) 15:39 (magsafe duo charging situation) 16:06 (Sierra blue color) 16:22 (final thoughts)

  • I’m so excited to be going from the iPhone 6s to the iPhone 13 pro such a good upgrade, I definitely need a new phone lol

  • Others: If you don't look around ane day , You can't catch tech advanced . Marque: small changes is great even after 1 year

  • In my opinion there is no differrnce between it and 12 pro max , even pro mothion is not a huge difference that apple have done . I think if apple would make huge leap in it's ios it would be better . That just is opinion not hattered or leaning in other side . Thanks

  • My friend Sara will get iPhone 13 pro max on next weak Saturday

  • Can I get your iPhone 12pro? since you can't use all of the phones in your collection at once.🙈🙈🙈 I am into visual design (video editing and photography) it would really up my visuals greatly.

  • Hey Marques, I like your wallpapers. Can you please link them in the description!! :)

  • I have the xr so this is gonna be a massive update for me!

  • I’m excited to trade in my 11 Pro Max for my 13 Pro Max

  • I admire the efforts u put in your videos, but for me i would rather advice everyone not to go for the new iphone. why? it's better to get into something that yieIds positive resuIt, peopIe ask themseIves which COlN to hoId better or lf this is the rlght tlme to begln tradng. l wouId say when you have a reIiabIe prson who knows how the tradng markt oprates, then you shouId begln, no matter how IittIe you are startng with, so if you don't ave, i wouId suggest you flnd one you can reIy on. Changing iphones isn't profitbIe

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    • Your comment is so much profitabIe than the video. Thanks for the info! 👍

  • How about screen flickering on that phone? I cannot stand flickering due to migraines. If anyone will answer very appreciated!

  • Samsung's has all that this just old bs parts 😂😂😂

  • I'm getting antsy waiting for mine, upgraded from my Galaxy S20 2 weeks ago for a 13 Pro Max and I'm probably not getting it until November

  • But for what? It better be good at 1600 dollars for a 1 TB phone.

  • That weight though, oof. I own the S21 Ultra and the beefiness already makes it pretty uncomfortable to hold in lots of scenarios. The 13 Pro Max being even heavier is a huge turn off, tbh. It's just another reason that glass and metal being the "premium" materials for phones nowadays is a bummer. Plastic can look and feel great while also cutting down on weight, and I hope some manufacturer steps up and releases a "premium" phone with more plastic than metal and glass.

  • Do I need a case for this phone?

    • Unless you want to risk your $1k+ phone, I'd heavily recommend it.

  • it’s kinda annoying when youtubers do reviews in million dollar buildings with 40 foot windows and claim the camera is great because it captures all the light ^____________^

  • My wife has had the phone for a week and still hasn’t noticed any difference. I noticed it immediately out of the box.

  • Amazing

  • Still they donot provide fast charging too bad....

  • I just watch these for info, but i'm happy with my Samsung! Great Video Marques!

  • When i saw iphone 13 pro in the mall i was very amaze by its beauty specially the gold one its like im gonna take it and run hahahaha my head was saying if only i have a money or work to afford one of these i would definitely but im a student i cant buy these things so ill stick to my old broken phone😣

  • beeeee 🐑🐑🐑

  • 16:47 smoothhhh

  • I was thinking of trading in my XS max for a $1000 off a 13 pro upgrade. But while I was still mellowing on the thought, it dropped to $800 off a few days later. So ima hold on until they either drop the price or make a new phone 😅

  • 11 pro max upgrading to 13 pro max.

  • moving from a regular 12 to the 13 pro max, hopefully i can see a difference

  • Next iphones will probably be usbc because the EU wants standardized ports right?

  • Which third party app you're using to record video?

  • Really wanted to go for a Pixel 6 Pro, but it's just a bit too big. Looks like I'll be migrating from Android 😭

  • Me when gaming in 120hz on Xbox series X then playing on my Xbox one 😂 it’s definitely noticeable

  • i have a samsung so there'll definitely be some big differences when i get my iphone 13 pro soon

  • Imagine having an iphone 12? Couldn't be me.

  • Silly people keep a i phone 📱...

  • Went from xs to iPhone 13 pro! Insane difference! Amazing phone. Though I feel like people should wait for the 14! Anyways I’m happy! And apple has really been going forward since x!

  • What camera do you use to shoot your ESmain videos? They are awesome! Big fan of yours!

  • Is it just me, or my 13 pro max is getting warmer than my XR!!!

  • A month later and my iphone 13 pro is still not here

  • those cameras make the whole phone look small wow

  • I've been a Samsung guy since cell phones first cam out, & I just ordered the galaxy z fold 3 but I just looked at the iPhone pro max & I must say it is very smooth & I might for the first time in my life own an iPhone

  • Its official changing from android to apple changing my s6 edge to iphone 13 pro max 1tb

  • How much bigger is the 13 Pro compared to a mini? I usually really prefer a smaller phone but this Pro looks really awesome. Does it fit in your pocket?

  • I have hope that the iPhone 14 will be usb c.

  • Going from an iPhone 8 Plus to the pro max. Super excited.. my 8 is starting to be terrible 😩

  • Scratches like crazy. Whatever is advertised for that phone is fake and just providing a multi trillion dollar company, billions more based on lies and deceit. Nothing is better about this phone then the 12, 11, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, and 5. Don’t bother man. After the 4s everything slowly went downhill. Must admit. The battery is better. But I don’t mind plugging my phone in every 9 hours just like every other phone. Rather it not scratch and dent.

  • Goin from samsung s9 to 13 pro

  • Going from a 7 to a 13pro 😶‍🌫️

  • Bro I’m on my iPhone XR which has been my only phone since January 2019 and now AT&T tells me I’m done paying off my phone so I can get like $800 off the 13 pro max which kinda surprised me considering the iPhone XR was $750

  • 13 Pro Sierra Blue here. The build quality is top notch. It looks and feels premium. Honestly a good buy, coming from an Android user of the past 10 years.

    • Sure is premium, drop the phone, see how premium build it is :)


  • I received my iPhone 13 pro max yesterday so far so good loving it

  • I’m getting my 13 pro max soon from my iPhone XS (and I get to keep the gold color! Yay!!!)

  • Worth to wait for USB-C?

  • Hi man. Thanks for your review and I need your opinion to choose between iPhone 13 pro and Pixel 6 pro. I use Note9 and the battery drains rapidly fast I have to charge it 6 times a day even after replacement the battery at the service center didn't help at all Samsung care staff said it relates to the phone itself. I moved to note9 from iPhone 4. I don't care about OS. I keen to grab Pixel 6 pro as apple tends to slow down the older models if you are not from France. What would you choose pixel 6pro or iPhone 6pro or 13 pro max? Thanks man.

  • Please upload iPhone 13 pro max review

  • I just went and saw the pro in person for the first time and the pro motion was the first thing I noticed 😂

  • I just ordered a pro max. Upgrading from a 12.

  • Bhai de do mujhe please 🙏😭😭😭😭

  • Buy a 12 pro, same experience, 350 bucks less

  • Just picked up the iPhone 13 Pro and upgraded from the 8+. Love in the field at the look of it how smooth the scrolling is. I can’t wait to explore the new camera lenses because it’s such an upgrade from what I’ve heard. Awesome video. Sure appreciate all the great content you put out

  • Could you add the link you said you had about why Apple chooses to not have high speed charging? Mentioned around 14:45

  • RIP iPhone 8, you’ve served me well but it’s time your predecessor takes over

  • For god sake hit the like button

  • So ready to get my 13 pro max. Just have to wait for it to ship. Have had the XR for about two and half years now and ready for the switch

  • 20 minutes, not 2 hours. 13:20

  • I think I'm going to wait for the next gen iPhone to upgrade.. I wonder what new features 14 will have

  • Me, my father, and my girlfriend all got the 13 pro, my girlfriend doesn’t really care about the specs she just wanted a bigger battery, my father only cared about the cameras, and I… Cared about the specs, it’s such a big upgrade from the previous year and has so much room to grow with software updates. Can’t wait to see what apple does with this phone

  • You rock dude

  • the camera is awful, i take photos on my iphone 13 pro and the phone just smoothens out my skin too much, makes the photo much brighter and sharpens it way too much...

  • Are you a robot cyborg?

  • "Because I have no friends I guess"

  • Bro im poor family give me iPhone bro plss🥺

  • Usb Type C will 100% come in the future. I'm from germany and here they make a law that only uniform charging cables are allowed in the future. The law is in process but idk how long it will take till it's reality, probably 5 years or more.

  • Ignorance is bliss. You don’t want a device as small as a cell phone charging at 50 or 60 watts because of the heat dissipation. it’ll absolutely kill the battery life You need a giant leap in battery technology and heat sinking for this to ever become a reality. You're literally asking to charge a phone at 10A. That's absurd.

  • I’ve been stuck with the iPhone 8 for over 3 years (not the plus btw) and I’m already upgrading to the 13 pro max in a few weeks so that’s a big W

    • just got the iphone 13 pro, it's coming in the mail soon and it's my first ever iPhone. I'm pretty excited

  • I'm a bit of a tech nerd. I've been watching your videos for a good while now. You're one of the best dude! I'm an Android guy since the G1, but I just had to stop by and check it the competition while I await the the arrival of my P6P. Looking forward to your full review after the embargo of course. Keep up the great work...🤙🏻

  • When I got my ipad pro I immediately noticed 120hz. It felt super fast... I didn't even know it was the refresh rate... I thought it was just because of more ram and the M1.

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  • I’m going from an 8+ to the 13 Pro Max. Will I see a difference? Like a big one?

  • why is no one talking about too much post processing by the iphone 13 automatically? I took some pictures and the phone made it weirdly sharp and washed out in colours compared to what i see on screen before snapping the photo.

  • I just got my phone and came back to comment that I totally agree with you about the manual option for the macro camera. If your not recording stationary then it easily switches to the macro camera when near things and even after you move it doesn’t switch back immediately and the screen is blurry for like 5-10secs. Hopefully the add that manual switch off option soon

  • Watch out, if you go past 3 seconds past for World Trade Center Tower 1, they are going to come for you for licensing 😂. I like the non bias review.