Forgot About Beats by Dre?

Publicado el 17 jun 2021
Beats Studio Buds are their most interesting headphones yet...
The Truth about Beats by Dre:
dbrand Damascus skin:

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Headphones Provided by Beats for review.



  • I got a pair of the studio buds they work good to me but still have glitches

  • $115 at Walmart rn 🤩

  • Hey Brown, Do you suggest these buds for Iphone 12 Pro?

  • I remember you had to put batteries in there head phones to get that extra bass

  • Can someone show me how to turn off my Studio Buds please ?

  • I see the destiny 1 warlock helmet I like it

  • How are they Still "Beats by DRE"? he sold this buiseness a Long time ago now.. and I heard that it's became a Complete GARBAGE... TRASH after that over a Billion Dollar transaction

  • Please do a review of the Yamaha headphones!

  • Random question: Ever have feedback from just one bud? Like a deep whoosh almost that builds then dissipates. It almost is like a movie effect…but coming from just one side and mostly when I’m using just one bud

  • has anyone ever tested active noise cancellation, on this style of earbud, at a monster truck show?

  • Snuck himself in the edits💀

  • Lol Tesla... Is like beats so true.

  • They are nice looking earbuds but they fell out my ears when I walk about half a block! I return them at once and went back to my Bose Sport earbuds!

  • They were pretty shite for the price.

  • is its audio quality better than the second generation airpods?

  • the fact that marques added himself in those commercials LMFAOOO

  • If you’re reading this Jesus Christ loves you unconditionally and He will never leave you ❤️💛

  • "android users are more price sensitive" : they are broke and cheap, lol

  • Surprised he didn’t mention the Class 1 Bluetooth. I get incredible range with these, can walk all around the house and still have clear audio from my phone that’s charging in the kitchen.

  • I just lost the left one 😡 I talked to apple agents they don’t want to help and I just bought them. That’s not fair they can’t help or send a replacement like wow

  • Love the Destiny warlock helmet in the background

  • What is the feedback about the microphone while traveling or in a room with bunch of people, Does the microphone filter the noises?. Looking to purchase this one but not getting any relevant feedback on the microphone although ANC feedback is good.

    • @Bruno SR can you please share the link.

    • Max Tech talks about the Mic; check it out! I was looking for that info as well.

  • When is The Studio Beats 4 ? I been waiting :/

  • Just got them and have had them for a complete day and tested them in the gym! I love these I think they are better than AirPods Pro I love AirPods but beats technology just has a better sound quality to me

  • Im watching this video with studio buds

  • Just got em today I love them

  • Nowadays commenters wanna talk like they got something to say, but nothing comes out when they move their lips, just a bunch of jibberish...

  • Good points

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  • The best title would've been "Forgot about Dre?"

  • If I am getting the Beats Studio Buds for $50 vs the Beats Solo Pros for $180, which one should I go for?

  • I see what you did there

  • So if I'm looking for the most bass I should go with beats???

  • Whats the name of the helmet in the background with the headset over it?

  • I just got one as a gift last week. This not even close to JBL's sound and material quality. This is simply very low end and mid range priced by Apple philosophy. This Beats Studio Buds waste of money if you purchase one. My 80$ JLab Audio Earbuds have 1000s times better active noise cancellation and sound quality than these beats.

  • i always thought it was "beats by drake"

  • Big fan of beats buts and headset studio 3 😁

  • bruh, marques really sneaked himself into that beats commercial at 2:30 huh?

  • Audio-Technica M50's suck too.

  • I feel Iike the sound profile of the studio buds is similar to the Bose sound profile. Which I’m perfectly okay with and very familiar with.

  • I'll never forget dropping over $100 on the first UrBeats like half a decade ago, then using my $20 Skullcandy inkd 2's after losing them one day, and I swear to god those Skullcandy inkd still to this day sounds better than almost anything $100 or less. Still sounds better than any beats I've ever heard so far. I really love Skullcandy even though I've heard better. They just always break. They never seem to last more than a good few months

  • Sony or Sennheiser are the best

  • It would be amazing if Beats released an actual audiophile headphone around $300-$400 USD without a lot of fuzz, I think that would bring them to a niche where they could thrive

  • 2:40 I really like how Marques snuck in himself in this

    • He picked the wrong colour you could hardly see them

  • In my opinion I just bought the liberty pro 3 for 160 dollars on Amazon and hands down the new king of earbuds.

  • I like Jabra 85t even tho I can't interchange the left and right one I can only use the right one to listen to music with one earbud. The Jabra also has equilizwr in their app and has a different listening quality compared to beats. But I have beats and I like the simplicity and sound

  • I spent 199$ for my studio 3s

  • Every time I get headphones or tech I always go to this guy

  • I just watched this review for the second time. I didn’t think I’d ever buy a set of Beats when this video originally came out, but I actually bought a set over the weekend after a co-worker recommended them. He’s an iPhone user and I have an Android phone these days. I’m very pleased with these and have has AirPods in the past when I was still on iPhone. My last set of buds were OnePlus Zs and they were terrible. Only lasted about 6 months before one earbud quit working.

  • Nowadays everybody wanna talk like they got something to say But nothin' comes out when they move they lips Just a buncha gibberish And muthafuckas act like they forgot about Beats by Dre

  • I like it😍

  • MKBHD: Android users are a bit price sensitive Me: Damn, i guess I am cheap

  • Glorious keyboard

  • Where did you get the at obsidian mind helm that’s in the background? Asking for a friend.

  • who knows what helmet or watever is behind him? I want one


  • How about answering calls and quality of mic?

  • Expected the intro to be the melody from "forgot about dre" My disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined.

  • Always been a big headphone/earbud guy so when I heard about them I picked up a pair and personally they don’t have the best quality to some other pairs I’ve had…but, I actually genuinely enjoy them, the sound isn’t too overwhelming (but with some songs can give you goosebumps), they are comfortable to wear. He is right about the noise canceling(not the best), but for everyday listening, I don’t regret my purchase at all

  • I'm into listening to music all the time,so I have this itch to buy different kinds of earphone🤣🤣🤣🤣,I don't have an apple item at all,but I did use the earphone it really sounds good though. But still even now, I didn't buy the product. Still looking

  • Never thought I’d see FaZe Jev on a tech ESmain channel

  • Jaybrid vista 2?

  • IMO they are yery good at 120€, there's no need of hi res codecs ontws because tws are made to listen to music on the go, not sitting on your sofa while focusing on the track so you can't enjoy that higher quality. In addition I have created an EQ to let them sound flatter (using VLC for android and because they are not bass-heavy at all it was much easier to EQ these) and I can get, if I desire, CD quality sound using 48000Hz 16bit tracks (AAC supports 44,1kHz). They are perfect apart for ANC, even with sound (if corrrectly tuned)

  • lmao i deadass thought that was the actual beats ad so i searched it up😂

  • What’s that stuff that’s on his ps5 I want that same skin or case whichever it was does anyone know what his stuff that he has on his ps5

  • I got 3 Beats headphones years back and the major issue I had was the loose sound on one of the earphone considering the price it is frustrating on how fragile it was. Hopefully the new wireless wouldnt have the same problem

  • No. I have not. I'm still waiting for apple to SEND ME MY REPLACEMENT CHARGING CASE!

  • Mkbhd the bose quitecomfort 45 is here, compare it with sony xm4?

  • I don’t agree with him beats are great headphones

  • The beats studio buds are absolute garbage

  • Got a pair of Beats Studio headphones, not good, expensive and uncomfortable 😣. I would rather spend a bit more to get AirPods Pro.

  • Marques is so talented, knowledgeable and handsome. Just a cool dude!

  • Still double the price of my JBL wireless...sheesh.

  • Crazy cause I use to always want a pair back in the day. I never paid attention to the fact that they stopped really behind around.

  • I got those free beats over the ear headphones when I bought my laptop in 2015 from apple. I never used them and neither did anyone else in my family. And no one bought them lol. They hurt ears too much and squeezed my ears. And yet, the headphone padding has worn off. They were used a total of 2 hours their entire lifetime. Terrible quality 😬

  • Is that a skinned ps5 in the back?

  • You took almost 6 minutes to talk about the actual product huh

  • When are the new powerbeats pro coming out?

  • Is it better then the galaxy buds 2 ?

  • Hai.. Can you do review on fender tourm Please...

  • Forgot about dre is a real thing now...

  • In my opinion beats sucks. I prefer Sony and Apples products

  • I dont get this continuing mask trend. Its just weird!

  • Apple killed them

  • I’ll stick with Skull candys

    • @RyanJS08 damn :(

    • My Skull Candy over ear headphones just napped on me over the weekend :(

  • Apple buying Beats by Dre looks weak on Apple, as far as I'm concerned, but I'd give these an honest listen. I am impressed that Apple is doing anything at all with Android users in mind. They should never have put "Studio" in the name, though. C'mon guys, stop trying to fool your customers.

  • battery life such, I put in earbuds at 6am and by 10am there already at 15%. Even with switching noise cancelation off it somehow automatically go's back to noise cancelation. Also sound quality is great and overall I say these are worth the price but ranking I would say just buy ipods or samsung pro 2 earbuds.

  • Man I remember beats by Dre, that was THE headphones to have in the early 2010s… They definitely were a fashion icon of that era. I remember even back in 2012 I bought an HP ENVY laptop at Best Buy that had the beats by Dre logo on it, It was dope. I also remember when the beats Pill came out in 2013, and then the bigger home Pill. Yeah beats was definitely big during that era. Hella nostalgic.

  • I just can't get over the design of my Samsung galaxy buds 1 . There the best I don't like the second gen and apple head phones is over hyped trash

  • Try out the J-Lab Go Air

  • I just got the reference in the title lmao

  • ps5 skin?

  • Beats went to shit when apple bought them from monster

  • Forget about dre?

  • Have you reviewed the Jabra 75t or 85t ?

  • They are not about sound quality, they are about being expensive

  • _forgot about dre_

  • i forgor

  • Its galaxy bud pro

  • funny this is on my TL cause I was looking at the powerbeats pro cause my airpods pros keep falling out on my runs (even with the ear hooks) I'll watch your video on the powerbeats right after this