3 Features the iPhone 13 Didn't Add!

Publicado el 17 sep 2021
These three phones feature bleeding edge features that the newest iPhone doesn't touch.

The iPhone 13: esmain.info/goal/v-deo/e2uleLqVl7x5g7s

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  • i’m lion

  • Forget bleeding edge, iphone misses the basics: no clipboard for all your copied texts. Can't use it as usb without itunes, no dex like support, no split screen tasking. These they can implement with software but no.

  • TYPE-C

  • I am so exited for what cinematic mode can become

  • Honestly there's been times where I almost bought an iPhone but the fast charging, customization, and hole punch notch are some of the things I would miss haha

  • I had to wait in my doctor's office for like 30 minutes and my phone was gonna die. Secretly used their outlet and got my phone juiced up with fast charging.

  • Ok we don’t need 120w but iPhone could be faster than the low ass levels its at now


  • Major reason why iphones do not support crazy fast charging is because lightning connectors are just not capable of handling that much power...and they are not going to adopt usb c easily.

  • 83% battery capacity on my iPhone X, not bad for a phone that is 4 years old now. And I’m still using its original charger, which is getting a bit more rusty lately… unfortunately. It’s my first iPhone (after years of only using Samsungs) and I’ll definitely never switch to an android ever again..

  • I'm using Infinix zero x

  • 8k video is completely irrelevant for 90% of people. I don’t think there’s a phone with an 8k screen. An 8k monitor would cost 1000’s of dollars just for for 8k which is only marginally better than 4K. Most people can’t tell the difference. Although I do agree on the point that Apple needs to step up the camera for the purposes of zooming in/digital zoom, but not for 8k video.

  • I would like to see a faster charging (say 30W), but a higher resolution camera or the in display selfie cam are not that important for me.

  • 69% Everytime

    • playing it safe and watching others fomo to break and be first for bleeding edge has always been a risk, while Apple will just do best to try and improve software experience. I can't wait for more AR advancements.

    • ☝️☝️Congratulations you have been selected as a winner.......

  • YAY!!! 1) Fingerprint ID. 2) USB-C. 3) Use Apple Pencil on iPhone. MEH!!! 1) Fast charging that I have now is kind of ok coz of the battery capacity. 2) I don’t care about the notch. 3) I don’t mind if Apple push it to not more than 30MP.

  • I am a samsung phone person, samsung phones are great, great UI, great cameras, great speeds but the thing that bugs me the most is slow!!!! charging speeds. Dude charging a 5000Mah battery with a 15watt or 25watt charger is like waiting for your kids to grow up and start their careers and be succesful in life and still your phone is 40% charged.

  • Well basically a charger a headphone jack and headphones in the box

  • i would say you nailed it, but nails are usually on fingers, and you didn't mention the fingerprint reader

  • Well this didn‘t age well. A 12mp camera beats a 108mpx camera 😂 you all guys are trying to flex and nerd with the specs, but sorry man, IPhone has just much more quality then any other android phone out there (beside samsung)

  • For under display camera, I have to say, ZTE lacks the amount of money required to apply better machine learning to make the picture quality good. So, maybe in near future, they will get it.

  • Under screen Touch ID is another feature that I feel should be there. Face ID doesn't always work and then it just gets annoying

  • The faster you change it the faster the battery health will degrade.

  • I would want to see them having a 7000 mah battery in the IPhone 14_15

  • This was a great video thanks

  • So they like iPhone but the android version and have a faster charging rate

  • They look like ok budget phones

  • That cool they different from apple

  • I never seen a phone charge that fast

  • Thank you to correct the information about fast charging effective on battery life .... because apple slaves creating lie concept or Tim cook lie then apple slave believe easily and they forget apple send new updates for old phones to make their batteries so weak.

  • fast charging=fast draining 😂

  • Ram

  • U forgot wings

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    • I know they wanna sell the Pro models… but I hope they make 120hz standard within the next 3-4 years.

  • 12MP bugs me because feature-wise the iPhones are awesome, much better than few year old mirrorless cameras, but cannot print the images because the resolution is just not there. I love the images but A4 or bigger and it's just a smear. 18-20MP would be plenty enough for a very big print if processed correctly.

  • Honestly, none of these are features I'd want in an iPhone but one I WOULD absolutely love to have is Always On Display. Just saying. Please make it happen, Apple.

  • 120W oh yeah great, FROM THE WALL, not to the phone the phone gets only 100W somehow it delivers only within range for the PD specs. Also let's not forget this is coming from the company that last time was touting 120W but was never delivering more than 80W with their previous model. The conversation around included chargers has become so stale and unfocused that it's becoming pointless.

  • i had 7 to 8 people who drained battery health of their iphone 11 to 90% in 2 to 3 mos. so sticking to slowed charging speeds doesnt do any good either

  • Why is it you believe that you'd only get 20% degradation after 800 charge cycles? Maybe if you have graphene infused electrolytes, but using standard battery chemistry?

  • Fold fold fold fold fold fold fold

  • Fast charging doesn't only mean 120W. 50W will do.

  • yolo

  • Nexus 4? Couple of years ago? Dude😳😳😳

  • This is Marque way of saying, except for fast charging, there is nothing much new useful feature .

  • Is Marquez upset with someone ? :(

  • this is the company that slows your phone down to sell you a new one. are they really concerned about a little battery degradation

  • the selfies are so cute

  • Battery technology may be better than ever, but chemistry and physics remain the same.

  • A video on how Apple bleeds you dry every year. and we keep paying them for hardware we aren't getting

  • the chager is going to decreased no matter how the slow change may be

  • If they did it now then what new features will they provide for next year aside from additional camera upgrades?

    • @Jessica💋 Sweety Hotgirl - Vlogs iphone 18 perhaps, especially if this pandemic would not end sooner than expected.

  • apple sheeps

  • well, iphones are boring

  • Fast Charging is a non negotiable at this point. Simply awesome. My phone is 2 years old. 60% charge in like 30 mins. Can't beat it.

    • playing it safe and watching others fomo to break and be first for bleeding edge has always been a risk, while Apple will just do best to try and improve software experience. I can't wait for more AR advancements.

  • If mid range phones can provide useful features like in-screen fingerprint scanner, Apple can also provide that too, however they just dont. They hold off many features for years and release as if it's a cutting edge technology. I would rather hear from Apple why they don't provide so many features rather than apple fanboys defending and giving excuses which make no sense. It's just so surprising everyone turns off a blind eye to the exhorbiant prices of iPhone too even when it lacks so many features.

  • yo

  • Or you can carry a power bank whenever you leave the house if you’re worried about an almost dead phone

  • Who cares about a 103mp sensor when pics still look like shit once uploded to snap or ig

  • My iPhone 12 pro battery health is at 87% after just 10 months plus with very minimal use per day. Battery drain even on stand by mode. background activity on music even I didn't play any music. I am wondering whether is a manufacturing defect! The worst battery so far for me since iPhone 4! Simply terrible!

  • I’m a regular user, I have an iPhone 12 Pro Max, I prefer a bigger screen, I don’t see very well. I’m getting old... I would like to have a faster charge, ... but preserving the battery, I think this is more important. I use iphone because their Operaring System.. not because their great features. I know there are better phones. But I definitely like IOS. I’m comfortable with the cameras...

  • Fast charging and a better camera

  • Great explanation

  • 11:12 I thought Marques turned into....THIS guy!!

  • anyone on the comments section who cares to say which are the three features so I don't watch a 13 minutes video?

  • 95%? I’ve had my pro max since April and it’s still 100%

  • if fast charging doesnt damage the battery on the battery I would love to see it

  • in theory pixel binning should get you cleaner shots than a regular sensor, but it's all up to software to get it right, and funny enough Apple and Google should be the best at making good software for such an application

  • How about a headphone Jack

    • playing it safe and watching others fomo to break and be first for bleeding edge has always been a risk, while Apple will just do best to try and improve software experience. I can't wait for more AR advancements.

  • Got it!

  • Fast Charging is a standard feature now in Android world …Apple needs to catchup

  • Ability to charge my apple watch or airpods on the back of my phone would be appreciated!

  • Another feature those phones have that iphone doesn't is the ability to be repaired outside of the Apple store.

  • What kind of led circuit board does he have in the back? What's that? Anyone know anything about it?

  • A 108MP camera binned down to 12MP still captures less light than a native 12MP sensor because of all the extra electronics that take up space between pixels and crosstalk between pixels.

  • I still charge my phone at 5w. More than fast enough for me

  • No, batteries these days are not better. Not when it comes to charging rates. You need serious cooling to keep them from blowing up. Also, the battery chemistry suffers a lot, drastically reducing the lifetime. (Honestly, don’t believe Xiaomi.)

  • Wirelessly charging other technology directly from the iPhone just like the Samsung is what I would like to see

  • I low how Marques is acting like he hasn't got the info to say from Apple. Let's be honest; he doesn't stop telling us that Apple hasn't added the particular feature on purpose and etc...

  • "I would love to check out that rock." Keepin' it 💯

  • Me flexing because I have 45w charger to my iPhone 12 Pro 😂

  • Are the chinese phones hosting spyware or not? If they really are, like the canadian and american government seems to think, are they even worth talking about anymore? From my perspective, if a company is making part of their money from spying and selling information, then it seems they would care less about their hardware quality and longevity leading me to think yeah, they aren't above putting dangerous tech in their phones, and charging this fast this year is probably not a good idea.

    • @I will change my name later I remember the Note and that's exactly why I argue that Samsung WOULND'T use that tech now. The difference between google apple, and the chinese governement as we can atleast attempt to regulate them. These companies are not comparable to the chinese communist party. This really can't be stated enough.

    • @Aegis Stari there has been multiple cases of Google giving out other people's location and photos to the US government. And Facebook is known for for poor security so your private insta posts you made when you were 15 can also get exposed. at the end of the day ALL of the tech companies spy and manipulate you not only the Chinese ones. I know that the Chinese government is awful and neither I trust them... but have you seen the US government? (especially in international stuff). A main reason we trust American companies is because we know that they don't have connection with it's government, so why don't we think the same for the Chinese ones? Like if the company happens to be Chinese why is it that the first thing that comes to mind is that they work for the government? it's like the lowest priority for the company as their main goal is to make money. remember how Huawei got banned when it reached it's peak? if the US really cared about your privacy they would've banned Chinese companies since their birth, the reason why they banned Huawei is because they don't want it to surpass the American tech companies, remember that the US is the most capitalist country on earth so if you ever hear them doing something for "helping people" remember there's always a different reason like money (like the Iraqi war they said it was for the freedom of the people in that country when they literally bombarded them and it was only just for the oil). and also I disagree about your take on dangerous phones like remember the Galaxy note 7? you really expect them to risk their reputation for some specs?

    • @I will change my name later I start with your last point first. It does make sense to put dangerous tech in their phone purely from an advertiser's perspective. They can say they have it while the competition doesn't, and it's totally true and not misleading. Obviously they won't tell you how dangerous the tech could be. About the spyware. We could all say yeah, Apple and Google spy on us when they say they don't other than to advertise to us but the Chinese is doing something different. They can use your private text to help a political ally , they could post embarrasing tiktok videos you posted when you were 15 and thought you deleted. They can use your data in ways you didn't think of, not only just to advertise to you like what Google and apple SAY they're doing. Also, even though I don't trust the Canadian or US government, if they say this phone is dangerous and no government official is allowed to have one, then that will make me reassess buying one, which I would never do. Also look at the Chinese government as a whole. These are not the people you want snooping in your stuff. In my humble opinion, these elements make it abundantly fair to lump them in a category all on their own, especially if they end up being illegal to own.

    • even if they do host spyware it's not like google and apple aren't doing the same if not worse and selling it to the US government blaming chinese smartphones specifically is just really stupid and also putting dangerous tech in the phone makes absolutely no sense in a business prospective no matter where the company's from

  • I would love phone without selfy camera. So hiding hole is good thing for me.

  • I don't want high mp. Give me high sensitivity for high shutter during low light to prevent motion blur.

  • Why isn't Xioami in America?

  • I'm listening to this on my speakers and his audio is clean. It's like I'm in a sound treated room with him.

  • Really sad they didn't bring out some form of fast charging. Nice video. Keep up the good work.

  • Is that Merideth from the office at 7:51 ??

  • Why hasn’t apple rolled out crossfade for Apple Music on iOS while it’s there on Apple Music Android? Wtf?

  • I adore how he brings everything to the point and leaves out any unnecessary, redundant comments while also maintaining logic and clearly structured sentences. Also, his English is so easy to understand, I wished everyone in the US spoke like that. I don’t know but that’s probably because of his accent? New York State region?

  • iPhone needs in display Touch ID. Who cares about a notch, battery charging speed would be cool. Forget the 120mp camera, can’t even share photos

  • How much does apple pay you?

  • I want fast charging, USB-C, finger print @ button & eyedrop (or no) notch iPhone 🙏🙏🙏

  • That rock is called university😢

  • As long as I can be at work all day playing ESmain videos then go out to a bar until 4 am on the weekends without charging then I don’t care about fast charging but I do a lot of heavy use all day so I mostly just leave my phone charging all day so I don’t have to charge when I get home lol

  • It's pretty sad that iPhone doesn't have crazy fast charging but at the same time, the battery is the best it's always been so you shouldn't need to charge it more than 1x/day .. and yet I still wish they had USB C charging or fast charging

  • YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA Fortnite and markass brawnly

  • I suppose fast charging is necessary for some Android phones. But considering that you typically charge a phone during the night, and that an iPhone 11 plus can go 5 to 6 days on a single charge, I find fast charging less importend then many Android users probably do.

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  • P-l-ease. I'm still using my Nokia brick from over 15 years ago.

  • What I'd like to see in terms of battery health, is a charging speed limitter, you can actually do something like this, by using a smaller charger, but not with a fast charger. The other one is a native android charge percentage limitter. This is doable but only via root apps.

  • As long as my phone can last all day, I don’t really care how fast it charges as I charge it at night